Obligatory New Year’s post

Well, tonight is another night for that New Year’s thing. First off, let me say… Happy 2007!

Today we ate/socialized with Whitey and Vo0 at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Providence. Funtastic time! Thanks for the Christmas gift, guys! I can hardly wait to play it! I’m glad you guys are back in town and enjoying it so far. This town has become so much more interesting lately – and it’s only getting better. Besides, you’re just keeping with the trend of everyone moving away… then coming back… heh.
2006 was a stellar year for me and my family career-wise. It’s been fast-moving, crazy, full of advancement and excitement. The downside? I’ve worked far too hard. Probably my New Year’s resolution would be to stop working so much and do other things like… spend more time with my son and daughter… read books more often… write more often… exercise more often… do all of those things to better my personality. I’ve spent a lot of time bettering my career. It’s time to stop and better my personal life for a year.

I’ve planned several adjustments at the workplace to help that out. It starts with moving my office to a new location – one that can afford me some time away from the operations side of things. I know myself – if I’m near it, I won’t keep my hands off of it. I need to stay hands off. I need to be doing Powerpoint charts, Visio drawings, etc.

At home, I need to be learning more about Linux, PHP/MySQL, learning Chinese, buying Macs, reading and writing, photographing, videoing and creating. I want this to be the year I regress back to my artistic side.

Lastly (and this is where I need your help, Jennifer and everyone else)… I need to be exercising. Vo0 has lost 55 pounds or so… I should be able to do so too.

Let’s have a great year!

Saddam’s death

Justice was served… unfortunately, he couldn’t have died like a dog – the way he made so many others suffer.
Here’s to hoping the virgins waiting for you are all transvestites.

Back in hell

It seems that when everyone else gets back to the office, suddenly, the crap starts to fly again.

Christmas loot

BunBun: Anything from Cars or Monster Jam… the remote-controlled Superman is apparently a big hit, mostly because he can destroy our furniture with it.

Taitai: a Kitchen Aid blender, but it’s the wrong color (dammit)

Me: an 80gb iPod!  My conversion to Apple begins 😉

Merry Christmas, ya pirate (from MSFT)

So on Christmas Eve, Buckshot calls me and says his Windows is calling him out for being a pirate.

It seems that a few days after arriving home from Florida, his computer decided he was running a pirated copy of Windows XP, thanks to Windows Genuine “Advantage.”  The “Advantage” utility had decided that because he left the regional settings set to the eastern time zone, but had modified his clock by hand to the correct time, that he was a pirate.

Yep, it’s a known issue… if your computer’s time settings are off, Microsoft thinks you’re a pirate.

Now Buckshot is using words like, “Fuck Microsoft” and “They can screw off and die” to describe how he feels about Microsoft’s mistake.  I feel the same way.  The mistake even gave Taitai the willies – so much so that I’ve proudly stood up in front of all of them and declared, “That’s why this family is going Mac!”

Microsoft, you’ve made some fatal mistakes in 2006.  Purely fatal.  If you can give my Microsoft-loving family the feeling of malcontent, you’re in for a big problem.

Merry Christmas!

The night is silent once again… time for all of the Santas out there to stir up the dust from the closet.  Merry Christmas from our family to yours 🙂

Asia albums are back

One of the final touches on the migration was getting the Asia Albums back from the Mac iWeb site. This is now done. You can access it here. (Update your bookmarks if you added any because this site’s URL has changed ever so slightly).  While waiting on a server reboot this morning at work, I went ahead and blasted the files onto the new server.
If you experience any issues with the site, please let me know.

Intelligence in question

Sometimes I fear for the intelligence level of our enemies.  I know, I shouldn’t worry.

Linux badass

You know you’re a Linux badass when you’ve got everything working… and I mean everything:

  • Printing works with cups over USB, shared to another Windows desktop with IPP
  • VPN server works with PPTPD
  • LDAP
  • Webalizer
  • Postfix/SpamAssassin/Courier/ClamAV/AmavisD-New
  • Squid
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • Dynamic DNS registration for said DHCP/DNS
  • Shares with Windows and Linux machines alike
  • Backup jobs
  • Mailman lists
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • DVD playback
  • DVD record
  • CD record
  • DVD ripping (har!)
  • Music playback of entire 9.4gb library
  • Rich-media plugins for web browsers

It’s all working.  The only thing that doesn’t work… and it’s because I’ve purposefully not put any effort into it… is my TV card.  That TV card is going to end up in a MythTV box somewhere.  Just because.

Today’s lesson learned

I seem to keep learning this lesson over and over again:

Too much FRANTIC multitasking means that work does not get done reliably.  Focus required.