When Dysfunction Gets in the Way of Suicide

This dark comedy of errors could only happen in real life. At least it has a happy ending… somewhat.

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Recommendation on Vista

I’ve already been asked my opinion 3 times on Vista – once by a power user and twice by “typical home users” who are eying some low-cost computer out there with Vista running on 512mb of RAM.

No, that’s not a typo.

I’m going to start pointing people to this URL, where I heartily recommend they run screaming from Vista and get a Mac.

I will also note that since I will not be going Vista and I’m getting off the Windows bus, I will not be supporting friends and family who get Vista, then expect my help when it screws up.  Sorry.

The Upgrade Version

So the negative spin last night and this morning on Vista is Microsoft’s decision to enforce the notion of the “upgrade version.”  You cannot install Windows Vista without Windows 2000 or XP already installed on the system.  This bucks the previous process of installing Windows from scratch, but proving you own the prior version by inserting the disc for verification.

I’m going to go on record as saying I don’t like this – not one damn bit, but I saw it coming.  Given the “smackdown” mentality Microsoft has gotten themselves into, this was just a natural evolution.  They’re merely enforcing what the license terms say should happen.  One item you might want to be aware of though – when reading the Vista EULA… once you install the Vista upgrade, the Vista rights/EULA completely supersedes all licensing agreements for the previous version.  This means you essentially lose your rights to even install the prior version of Windows ever again.

Hope that Vista upgrade goes well for you – because if your computer ganks up (which, it will), you’re breaking the law by reinstalling Windows XP to upgrade back to Vista.

I continue my march toward Apple… not with a wave, but with an extended finger.

Music Rennaissance

One of the neat things about this 80gb iPod that TaiTai got me for Christmas is… well, the ability to pull down almost my entire library of music.

This has led to a re-enjoying of music that I haven’t listed to in about 20 years.  Great stuff.

Today’s selection… Throwing Muses/Red Heaven.  Long time, no listen.

I’m on the way home, btw.  I’m sitting at DCA, blowing time before jumping on the plane.  Lovin it.

Freakishly large Malaysian python swallows 11 dogs

Guard dogs protecting a fruit orchard in Malaysia have met their match – a 7.1-metre long python that swallowed at least 11 hounds before it was finally discovered by villagers.

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Exchange Admins: Save Your Tears

If you thought your Exchange deployment ever made your life miserable, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. If you’re the Exchange admin of a small business deployment, you’re likely to strut around your office and just tell people to get over it.

If you’re an admin of a large enterprise, March is your Month of Suffering. Prepare to sob like a baby.

Congress enacted this little thing called Daylight Saving Time, right? Well, then they decided to make it happen three weeks sooner in the year 2007. They passed this law in 2005.

Well, it seems that someone at the Microsoft New Year’s party for 2007 was sitting around on a couch, sipping a Strongbow Cider and thinking to their self… (self… oh shit… dst hits this year and we’ve not done jack shit about it!)

That’s right gang. Microsoft has basically acted like they were caught completely unaware of the DST ramifications on Exchange 2003 SP2 and Windows XP. Oh sure, there’s some updates to this issue in Outlook 2007… but 2003 products are in for a world of hurt.

Unfortunately, 7 weeks or so away from the actual change taking place, Microsoft is still basically working on figuring out what to do. Yeah, they’re programming away and stuff – but to make a long story short, the basis of our telecons have informed us that they’re just not prepared. The tools aren’t released, the server-side CDO patch isn’t released… all of which are coming “any day now… end of January or so”… okie… January ends in 4 days, guys.

First of all, I encourage you to go to this link and read about this bowel-loosener. Then come back here and you’ll see my bullets… they’ll make a little more sense.

Here’s the link. Go read.

Now that you’re back here, here’s my favorite items about this whole thing:

  • Timing of your client OS desktop deployment is critical because – well, if your servers aren’t patched, meetings are likely to be an hour off.
  • Timing of the Mac patches are also critical and… wait… wait for it… yeah! That’s right! Entourage 11.3.3 is out to address this problem… but if you haven’t patched CDO on your Exchange server (remember kids, the patch isn’t released yet for CDO!) your users are going to miss meetings. Period.
  • You cannot run the server-side rebasing tool if you have clients scattered around in different time zones without MANUALLY telling the server which mailbox to manipulate… from a CSV file. When managing 30,000 mailboxes or so, good f’ing luck.
  • Here’s my ABSOLUTE favorite. When running the rebasing tool and the tool runs across a single-instance meeting you originated, it resends every invitation to meeting invitees again!

And all of this madness ends… three weeks later… on April 1st. Oh, the irony.

Update: to be fair, I should point out that this DST fun affects more than Windows admins.  If you run other operating systems, you owe it to yourself to investigate what’s going to happen.  The same thing goes for applications.

Zhang Ziyi does not like fat, balding, married men

Apparently my dreams are shattered.  Zhang Ziyi isn’t into fat, balding, married men after all.

I cry now.

A Day in the Capitol

So today I had the chance to wander a bit.  My friend/coworker picked me up for a ride around town in his very lovely Porsche.  We tooled around the capitol a bit and ran in for a quick visit to the Aviation and Space Museum (Smithsonian).  What a lovely, lovely treat.  We blazed through it pretty quickly but being in the presence of that much Great Stuff is humbling.

I was especially taken aback at the small spaces our astronauts have grown accustomed to for space travel.  The capsules and living spaces in Skylab were all extremely claustrophobic.  I’m not sure how we’ve been able to come this far with things that have just been… err… passable?  I dunno.  What we’re capable of is quite amazing.

After the quick run thru of the museum, we noticed on the way out that it was snowing… and sticking.  Sticking quickly.  We walked a bit further and noticed the snow was… building.  It was decided that we must return to the vehicle and get out of town to the house posthaste, as we were to have dinner at my friends’ house.  On the way (which was a very, very slow drive), we tried to reach folks to find out if they were going to make it or not.  Unfortunately, almost everyone had to cancel.

No matter, we were going to have an awesome dinner anyway.

Then… we ran into a patch of ice we couldn’t overcome.  The decision was made to abandon the Porsche.  The wife had to come and retrieve us in the 4 wheel drive so we could make it home safely.

Anyway, we had a lovely dinner and awesome conversation.  We watched the last three quarters of the Colts/Patriots football game and finally called it a night.  I rode back to the hotel with another coworker from a different err… location.  The roads were in much better shape now because the salt trucks had been out, so the drive back was much easier.

So now I’m back in the hotel, but it’s pretty much bedtime.  Tomorrow I have what is sure to be an exciting commute, so I need to head to bed and get some rest.  The next two days promise to be quite lively with our presentation and all of the work ahead of us.

I miss Taitai, Bunbun and Kiddo terribly.  Luckily I get to see them all this weekend.

Off to start the week with a nice slumber…

Laments against aRTS

<Vermyndax>    don’t let kde scare you
<Vermyndax>    until aRTS gets involved
<Vermyndax>    once that package happens, it’s over
<aquatix>    seems like it has few dependencies
<aquatix>    good
<aquatix>    yeah, arts is scary
<Vermyndax>    arts isn’t just scary – it’s a deprecated pile of garbage
<Vermyndax>    it’s a deal killer
<aquatix>    heheheh
<Vermyndax>    it’s the function to end all functions
*    aquatix is listening some Blue Man Group
<aquatix>    haha
<Vermyndax>    the master of all things bad with audio
<Vermyndax>    for whom does the bell toll?  your audio card!
<Vermyndax>    arts is the shared turd of every 1 and 0
<Vermyndax>    when 1 + 1 = 3, it must be arts!
*    aquatix senses Vermyndax has experience with KDE and arts 😉
<Vermyndax>    the force is strong with you

Ubuntu Studio

In other news, this is just what the doctor ordered to give Linux a swift kick in the arse.