Glad to see you made it, Sandon

I went to school with this guy.

We were in the same drama class.

Here’s to you, Sandon, for keeping the dream alive and sticking with it until you got there.

Copyright issues and realism

So, I have this question that struck me tonight and I’m hoping my army of readers (cough) can help me out with a resolution to it.

I’m faced with a nagging question – its relevance is no concern of yours. 🙂 But the important question is: do copyright and/or trademark issues prevent realism in stories and movies?

We all know that it’s a rare, rare thing to find realism in fiction when it comes to computers. Is there a known copyright or trademark fact that prevents this realism?

Apple and the enterprise

There’s an enlightening and interesting article up on InformationWeek discussing the Leopard server product. It’s basically a guy who headed out to the sites covering public information on Leopard server and summarized it. It’s still a good read. My favorite piece? Clustering for email and iCal servers!

One thing the author did mention is that while it’s compelling for SMB, Leopard server isn’t shaping up to be an enterprise-bound powerhouse. I would agree in that respect, but I diverge away from this when he declares that Apple just clearly isn’t aiming for this market.

I think Apple is slowly but surely taking baby steps toward this market. Perhaps it’s wisely so. But I can tell you without a doubt that if I were to start a small business today, Leopard server would be driving my infrastructure and not Windows.

I think Apple has lots of tricks up its sleeve and it’s slowly crawling toward a master plan. If Microsoft continues to fall on its face and spin the marketers around it, people are likely to wake up eventually.

But… I have no proof. Just a feeling I get. I dunno.

Why I don’t bother to Twitter

There’s all this hullaballoo about Twitter and the twittering and yadda yadda. It’s another company that has taken an amazingly simple idea that apparently quenches an odd thirst to be social.

Why do you think I call it odd? More on that later.

I do not find myself attracted to using Twitter. Occasionally I’ll find myself posting something in the little note areas of any messaging program I use to accomplish the same functionality and… hey, what do you know, my friends can see that message. I know, I know. Twitter makes it easy to change that message from my cell phone or a kiosk or… whatever… but… who cares? If you want to know what I’m doing, call me up… email me… or find some way to contact me using the pigeon RFC, whatever – and hook up with me for some lunch. I’ll tell you what I’m up to. Come by my office, knock on my door.

I won’t go so far as to think that I am qualified to judge this company’s fate. I won’t proclaim that they have 15 minutes of fame and the first 10 are already gone. I won’t say anything of that nature because… quite frankly… that means I have given it some thought and I just… don’t care. Even more annoying are the people out there willing to throw cash at these people for something that is likely to be a passing fad. Sooner or later, people are going to wake up and go outside… no… wait… go to lunch… er, no, more likely, just go to the next budding darling of social sites.

Seriously, I don’t get the point.

Back to the odd.

I find it odd that humans purposefully disconnect themselves from one another in order to… uhh… reconnect through something like Twitter.



I am likely the most indecisive user I know. I’ve mounted a collection of hundreds (maybe thousands) of bookmarks in Firefox on Linux, Windows and Mac. I’ve amassed almost a hundred feeds that I prefer to be checked daily.

I’ve grown tired of Firefox and Google Reader, so I’ve spent some time today syncing my bookmarks and importing feeds into Safari. I really like Safari – it’s minimalist, integrates well into OS X, and blazing fast. It has issues with some sites that prefer IE browsers, but hey, that’s the breaks. Firefox has that problem too.

In an effort to try to keep me out of Firefox, I have taken it off the dock as well. I’ll be using Quicksilver to open it up whenever I need to.

This will likely make my Mac the star of the hour – I will be back to using it as my primary machine, work-related or not. May not be a good thing… I really need to buy my home Macs. Then I can separate work feeds from home feeds and concentrate only on work when I’m on the laptop – and only on fun/extra work when I’m at home. Ultimately, that’s probably the best thing. Maybe I would use .Mac to sync the bookmarks – I have no idea. We’ll see – one day.

Motivational breakdown

My motivational transportation has sprung a leak and suffered a flat. I’m at work, but could give a damn if I get anything done. The weather is too nice outside. I’ve not been able to shake the sleepy haze this morning and I have a tinge of a headache. It’s one of those headaches that you get when your assbone digs into the fluff of your chair so much that it starts to harm your circulation and you feel minor little spasms in the back of your head. Top that off with being quite hungry and knowing that you have several meetings to attend in the afternoon, it makes for a flat tire.

As you can probably witness if you see my scrobbling, that mood is transposed via munging through Gothica on iTunes.

I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t a bit distressed to read the latest Leopard rumor. I could really not care less if Apple supports Vista or not and I certainly want to believe that they’re paying attention to the quite dismal Vista sales. Oh, alright, it really depends which marketing machine you subscribe to, as I’ve discovered. Since making the decision that I’ll be going with Mac, I’ve found myself reading quite a number of Mac websites – one would think of that as being a logical progression. There’s a lesson learned in that though: everyone has a completely different take on the Story of the Day and they’ll twist the facts to paint their religion in a better light.

It’s not just geeks who like to pull that trick of course. Moms can paint their children as the best angels ever – or churches who think their Way is the Only Way. (all you have to do to make it Important is capitalize the first Letter of the Word – then People will think that you have Some Kind of Hidden Meaning, particularly when you throw the words together)

Alright, this has ended up Way Too Random. I need to go get some Lunch and Feed My Face. Meetings start at 12:30, then I think I’ll blow this pop stand. I’ve done enough work in the past 16 months than I ever have before in my life and it seems as though my biorhythms are encouraging me to go to Best Buy or some shit. I dunno.

Maybe I should just drink.

No way home


An interesting turn of events on tonight’s Lost that left me agog… agasp… agape. There was a chance that at least two characters could get home and find help to return for everyone – those hopes were dashed by someone’s personal agenda.

It’s also interesting to see how this event has gotten back to the show’s original season one prognostication – that Jack and Locke were somehow destined to oppose one another. This latest twist has brought that old rivalry vibe back.

The last scene also got back to the show’s roots of just being plain creepy. I applaud this – it’s taken a while to circle back around to the chills and goosebumps, but they have returned tonight. It looks as if we’re in for some interesting turns next week as well.

Here’s to hoping they keep up the good work. I was getting worried for a while there.

Welcome back

You’re now seeing us at the new host. Welcome back.

Complete ramblings

I still can’t shake this dastardly cough. It was gone for a while today – well, most of the day… but now, it’s back. I’ve gone in the cough drop direction to see if I can shake it long enough to get some sleep tonight, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve had a lot on my mind with regards to websites lately. Taitai pointed out that we own quite a few domain names. That’s true, we do. Some of them are just plain defunct. Some of them are itching for activity. I have numerous ideas swimming through my head these days on podcasts; one particular online gazette-style magazine that some of you may remember; what to do with Galaxycow… oh, the thoughts just never end. There’s a lot to do and a lot to produce, but such little time.

There are two things that stop me from doing the gazette site again. These days, it seems that ripping off pictures and other arts and/or intellectual property is the New Norm. I don’t necessarily want to provide a site that could be used for people to rip off the work of other folks, but then again, I think that the site would work again in this day and age. However, it requires plenty of time to maintain and write for – a problem I’ve dealt with unsuccessfully in the past. These days I might be able to make more time, but I doubt it.

Therein lies the second problem. I would need staff. I need interested staff with time to write the columns they want to write. I had staff before, but that staff didn’t have the time. I need staff with time and passion to do it. That’s just pretty hard to find when you can’t bring money to the table.

Bah. You know, when I shut the thing down before, I knew that I would come to this thought again someday. I knew that I would get the itch again. I just need to convince myself not to go there again I suppose.

In other news – I upgraded this WordPress to the 2.1.x series, so that’s why it’s reverted back to the default skin. Sorry about that, but I need to find a new one anyway.

Thoughts, anyone?

Catching up with old friends

There’s an old friend of mine from high school that maintains a pretty high traffic site (linkage not really needed, but I’ll give it to him anyway:  He’s turned it into a site that watches/comments on pop culture.

This friend was in theatre with us… and quite good… it’s rather eerie to hear his voice and know his personality hasn’t changed much.  Good stuff.