An active weekend

I did a lot of walking and exercising this past weekend.  Lots.  I walked for about 45 minutes yesterday, but that doesn’t include the walking during grocery shopping, etc.


Time: 26:46
Calories  eaten: 216
Method: XLGlider

Wonderful trip to Langley

BTW, I’ve been on a business trip to Langley Research Center this week, hence my absence. Sorry… heading home now though… have a good weekend!

P.S. I got to fly a Boeing 757 and try to land it. That is hard to do!

Revolt at Windows Central?

There’s something interesting going on over at Windows Central, one of my daily haunts for keeping up with the everchanging world of IT.

I really like the administrator of the site (Digital Dave) and by and large the site has been a fun resource. Some of the less advanced Windows users hang out on there and they do get help. However, an interesting thing has started to occur over there.

The villagers seem to be revolting a little.

Digital Dave has been posting many “site babbles” (read: streams of consciousness) about Vista in general. Some of them are negative, some of them are favorable. All of them receive mountains of replies trying to convince Dave that Vista is shit.

I think this is the third or so site babble that has been met with resistance from many nooks and crannies of the site. Even more interesting, none of the regular site readers are coming out in defense of Windows Vista. It appears that Digital Dave stands alone.

Granted, I’ve been a participant 🙂

I’m not sure what I would do if I were Dave. In many ways, it looks like there’s an all-out revolt being staged against Windows Vista on the very-Windows-centric site. This kinda sucks for Dave because each time a new version of Windows comes out, he tends to focus on that revision. If Vista is generating a revolt, then what is he to cover in terms of Windows topics as XP is forcibly phased out?

I’m keeping my eye on another daily Windows-centric haunt known as ActiveWin to see if another revolt starts there… I don’t comment as much there. But it will be interesting to see.

Are you noting any other Windows sites in revolt?

Microsoft worker writes love letter to own application

Mac Mojo : a love letter to Entourage

A Microsoftie in the MacBU has crafted the above article on MSDN, where she describes her love for the PIM creme-de-la-creme (cough) Entourage.

It would be nice if the MacBU would stop patting themselves on the back for the useless My Day application and spend their time on application compatibility in a mixed environment with Outlook and Entourage.

Sadly though, they aren’t doing much in that area.

Evolution 2.10.1 (Feisty Fawn) looks do-able

So finally, it looks like the Evolution team is sitting up and paying attention about their buggy code. Evolution 2.10.1 on Feisty Fawn actually works without issue so far. It’s laggy, but it works even against our monster of a mail system. I’m impressed.

GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative… huh?

GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative

So this was GNOME’s big announcement today. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. I suppose that if GNOME is getting the industry behind their desktop initiative enough to get some wider open source adoption, that’s a good thing. However, I have mixed feelings whenever I read about the GNOME folks getting their fingers in other pies when they still release some seriously buggy shit. I often feel that they should step back, hunker down, and really spend some quality time with their source before opening up other rabbit holes.

Yes, I’d feel this way about KDE too.

I have a Feisty ISO waiting on my server at home, so I’ll be loading it up in a VM to check out Feisty’s improvements. But why in a VM you say? Geez man – when you try to load the “powerful” and “awesome” Evolution, you find yourself running… screaming… back to something more reliable. I’ll stick with it in a VM until they improve.

Yes, I know I can load other email clients. But I want to use what they intend for me to use. If they’re going to distribute that crap, they need to make it work.

But no… guess they’ll be spending time on those mobile devices now. – Whale Beaches Self at N.Y. Oil Depot Dock, Dies Suddenly in Front of Crowd – Science News | Current Articles – Whale Beaches Self at N.Y. Oil Depot Dock, Dies Suddenly in Front of Crowd – Science News | Current Articles

“It would be great if we could say to the whale, Say “ahhh” and stick your tongue out”… classic!


Okie, I took a cue from Jennifer and changed the permalinks. She’s right – I should fix it before it gets out of control.

If you linked to this site, please note that the /index.php/ stuff has been removed from my permalinks.

Permalinks messed up in conversion

I made some decisions on conversions for Galaxycow (as you’ll see if you visited /blogs or some of the other blogs that haven’t reimported yet).

The biggest decision was changing from multiple disparate WordPress installs to a single WordPressMU install.

HOWEVER, I have discovered that my old permalinks used the screwy /index.php/ workaround to get you to a page. Looking over at Aqua’s blog, I discovered the old permalinks were that way… and this blog wanted to get rid of that. I’ve put the /index.php/ silliness back in to avoid breaking links to this site. Oh well.

What do we do with the drunken website?

So, I’ve decided Drupal just isn’t the way to go on the home page of Galaxycow.

I’m considering a “backpedal” of sorts and going with just something like RapidWeaver to create the website and maintain the podcasts, but it presents a bit of a problem. If I choose to open a forum or whatnot later on down the line, then that’s Yet Another Disparate Database. The WordPress blogs linked in from here are on their own separate databases and so would the forum. You’d be registering multiple times for this website.

I’m open to ideas. Really.