Heading to DFRC

I’m about to head out the door to fly off to Dryden Flight Research Center for the week. They will be migrating into our mail system and this week we get to go through the ceremonials. I’m pretty excited because I’ve never been to the L.A./SoCal area, but then again… DFRC is in that zone that constantly lists as “100’s” on the weather maps. Eek.

In Soviet Russia, Windows runs YOU

Oh, too much can be said for running Windows on your local weather access channel.

Quick-take on Pirates 3

Yesterday, Kiddo and I got out to soak up Pirates 3. It was enjoyable, but it suffered from the same thing that plagued the second of the series. The writers allowed themselves to get bogged down by the apathetic nature of each individual player. By now, there are a lot of players – all of them with their own agenda. The midsection of the movie that was pure dialog as each person wheels and deals to get themselves into a golden situation for the final battle started to become a grueling exercise in keep-up.

I think that if the writers had allowed the characters to let go of some of the apathy and be driven off of pure heart, perhaps some of that could have been avoided. But these are pirates after all – their allegiance goes to the highest bidder. Ironically, the only man of his word was Barbossa, who keeps his end of the deal to Calypso no matter what the price.

All in all, it’s an enjoyable ride. The last hour is a blast – but it takes a long time to get there. Pay attention, or some of it might escape you.

Season 3 in the can

Lost‘s season finale was absolutely a crowd pleaser. I was cheering from the couch – literally. Nothing made me happier than to see some ass kicking finally be delivered.

And I know the conspiracy theorists (including my wife) are really spinning about the flashb… er, flashes. Sorry, I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it.

Excellent, excellent show. This is filmmaking at its best. These people are to be applauded.

Weird science gets weird, you die

Neatorama » Blog Archive » The Strangest Disaster of the 20th Century.

This morning’s read is a strange piece about a mysterious disaster in Cameroon in 1986 that killed an estimated 1,800 people or so. Despite the macabre, it’s a totally interesting piece that serves to remind us just who exactly is in charge of this planet.

We’re just guests.

History continues to be erased in Taiwan

Taipei Times – archives
National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall

President Chen Sui Bian continues his assault on Taiwan’s history as Chaing Kai Shek Memorial Hall is renamed to the National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall.

Not only does it dishonor the history (those who forget history are doomed to repeat it) – I’d imagine the new name will further the flames with mainland China since it contains the word “Democracy.” Maybe not – I often find myself misunderstanding much of this issue, as many Americans do.

And the Koreans rejoiced

It’s fitting that Blizzard chose Seoul, Korea as the location to announce Starcraft II.

My my, I’m excited. I’m also very impressed with the cinematic offered on the site. Their rendering gets better and better with each game – let’s just hope the storytelling also improves.

In other gaming news – Thanks to BFG for having a lifetime warranty on video cards. My 6800 GT OC has apparently been the culprit of my game crashes. I contacted BFG and they sent me a BFG 7800 GS OC to replace it. It works very well and I was able to play Oblivion without a crash!


Mail adjustments

Warning: mail adjustments have been made. I may lose your message if you send something in the next 24 hours and your ISP hasn’t updated DNS. If you don’t hear back from me and it’s unusual (since I get no mail, I’m good at responding), then please resend.

Plugin hell

Well, I’ve been horsing around with plugins tonight. I’ve been wanting to reestablish the last.fm stuff, but apparently there’s some wacky javascript tricks that EZ Scrobbler pulls that aren’t too friendly with this theme. I like this theme, so the theme stays until I can figure out what to do with EZ Scrobbler. If you really want to see my last.fm page, go there for now.

I also found a killer WordPress podcast plugin. Can’t wait to use it.

Also, I managed to post a Jaiku plugin at the top. See it? Up there? If you join Jaiku, be sure to add me to your contacts so I can keep up with you.

I’ve also added a redirect for failing subscriptions to rss.aspx, which is the file that served my blog feed when I was on Community Server. Hopefully, the redirect will send you to the proper feed. Please report misbehavior.

In other news, I should have been in bed a long time ago. Goodnight.

Vista’s 40 million strong

Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus – A technology blog

On this post, Paul Thurrott points out the install base of Windows Vista is 40 million strong… so sayeth Bill Gates. Despite all of the negative press, Vista has a strong presence in the industry and is already installed on more machines than non-Microsoft products.

I echo Paul… “I get it.” However, what no one is able to measure unfortunately, is how many people are uninstalling Vista to roll back to XP or another operating system. Reporting that sales of Vista is 40 million strong does not mean that there are 40 million PCs using it. Every day, I read posts about people trying to weather Vista and failing.

I still sense a change in the industry’s attitude toward Microsoft products. The corporate types at Redmond may not be able to smell it, but from here on the ground I do not see much in the way of positive Vista developments. Even the revolt over at Windows Central somewhat succeeded – as the admin of that site finally gave in and rolled back to XP64. Granted, it wasn’t because of the revolt – but rather because he could no longer use Vista to get through his daily battle.