It’s in the Cooker

This new thing I’ve been cooking up here lately is starting to get some “rah rah!” momentum, methinks. I had a nice three hour meeting with an old coworker from the station who, after talking through all of the ideas, seems very much behind it. Earlier today I had an awesome meal with Vo0 and Whitey the Yak Shaver, there were some funny ideas brewing behind that one as well.

I can feel it coming on – a way to reunite old friends and help tap all of their talents. I hope I can put all of this project management experience I’ve gained over the past few years to work in a different vein.

There are many of you out there who know of what I speak. I’m getting jazzed about this – I hope you are too.

Woman Arrested For Committing Act of Love. : Lock the Bedroom Door on

Woman Arrested For Committing Act of Love. : Lock the Bedroom Door on

The only warning I’m ever going to give you: this link is from a sex blog. If you can’t deal with that, don’t click.

So this link briefly explains the situation of a woman in France who was overcome with desire when seeing an all-white painting and she kissed it. It was a sloppy, wet kiss that smeared lipstick all over the painting. It actually looks more like someone’s skin was opened and some blood was smeared across it, but whatever. The point is, she was arrested.

Yeah, it’s an all-white painting. Art. I am SO in the wrong business.