One final upgrade… and Happy New Year!

It seems that WordPress has snuck out one final upgrade before the end of the year, so I just threw it on. Especially since the security bug that it corrects is pretty… uhh, scary. I guess I should feel thankful that this blog generates practically zero traffic because I’m sure some autobot would have farked my site by now.

Anyway, Happy New Year! What am I going to do about resolutions? I can think of only five:

– Join a gym, go there often, get in shape, make all the women want me for my body
– Write more, get the media production thing going
– Convert all house computers to Macs
– Learn more Mac/Linux programming
– Go to more movies

…oh, a sixth one:

– Learn more media tech like Dreamweaver, Adobe CS3, etc.

I think those are all do-able, except maybe the gym.

Bless the Patient Wife

I have to admit, my wife is a real enigma.

Not only is she allowing me to go on three work trips back to back (one of which was not mandatory, but she knows I really want to go), she’s allowing me to go on A) her birthday and B) when my son has three basketball games.

She is a real treasure – it’s not too often you will find a mate that is understanding enough to let you take on something like this. I’m not too fond of being away from home that long, especially during her birthday and my son’s first few basketball games. However, she knows (as do I) that I will have nightmares if I do not attend MacWorld.

So yes, I will be at MacWorld with my fellow chief engineer. There are two other trips surrounding the MacWorld trip, so we’ll actually end up in Cali for two whole weeks – one week in San Francisco, the other week in San Jose. Look alive, Creths. There’s sushi in your future.

Large Hospital Software Company Switches to Linux – OSS Ramblings

Large Hospital Software Company Switches to Linux – OSS Ramblings

While I’m not as optimistic as my buddy Tony on the increase of Linux market share, I am definitely in line with him on the decrease of Microsoft market share.  As I continue my march toward converting to an all-Mac environment at home, Windows has been relegated to not much more than a gaming console.  Even that is somewhat doomed though, as I’m starting to discover some of the newest games have outgrown this almost 4-year old PC.  That’s fine, I’ll just start gaming on the Wii and continuing on with my old games. 

Oh, the irony

I’m appalled at the lead story on tonight (“What will you tell kids about Britney’s sister?“). I’m especially appalled that the world thinks that American parents are freaking out all across the nation about Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant.

So… what will you tell your kids about it?

How about… the truth? Why is it so hard to talk about sex with your kids? It’s natural, they will do it one day. You did it – that’s why you have kids, remember? What’s the deal?

I know what I will do. I will send an email to my daughter with a link to the story. I’ll ask her if she knows about this freakin’ idiot who got knocked up.

She’s 14. She knows how sex works. Will she have enough sense to have kids when she’s ready? I certainly hope so – but it won’t be because we weren’t afraid to bring it up.

The irony kills me.

What must I do to prove that I own this?

I’ve had to update Windows Genuine “Advantage” on two different Windows machines three times over the past several days. What gives?


What REALLY happened to the X-Wing

For those of you who don’t know this already – someone out there has taken oodles of time and $7,000 to build a near-life-size model of an X-wing fighter, complete with class-M rocket engines.

Video of the flight is here:

…now for those conspiracy theorists out there, here’s the REAL reason the X-wing crashed:I vote for the second one in terms of truth.