Killing me

It is truly killing me… having to wait until the 13th before the Mac Pro ships.

I have a new printer

I have a new printer – a Canon PIXMA MX700. I have energy to set it up, despite this virus. Problem is, I don’t know where to put it. So it remains in the box for now. Hrm.

Stank-Ass Little Viral Bastard Die Die DIE

Alright, now I’ve had it.  This virus must die.

This is by far one of the worst, pathetic, no-reason-to-exist lifeforms on this planet.  I want it exterminated.  Immediately.

It’s a highly-contagious gastrointestinal virus and I’m pissed.

Friday morning at about 1am, our son started vomiting again.  Only this time, he was throwing up blood.  I took one look at the output and declared, “That’s it.  Hospital.  Now.”

We got dressed and headed into the emergency room.  While we were there at the triage nurse station checking in, he threw up blood again, so at least they didn’t have to reach into his stomach or whatnot.  They decided to admit us after we spent a good six hours sitting around in the E.R., falling asleep at random.

Friday was spent in the room on the 4th floor with occasional visits from the nurses and doctors.  They concluded that the boy had a gastrointestinal virus and likely ruptured something.  He didn’t throw up at all until everyone collectively decided we should check out.  No sooner than we start to sign it away, he throws up again.  Only this time, there was no blood.  Since there was no blood, the hospital still advised us to go home and wait the virus out.  We did.

About 7pm we get home and BunBun seems to be feeling better.  His appetite returns for a bit and he’s able to pull down some food without issue.  That’s good.

Then it happens to me.  That little virus fucker had jumped to me and set up camp.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but needless to say it was evident that I was quite ill.  I spent most of the night being quite sick and during the day on Saturday, it was obvious that my son was recovering well and I was going down.  I was aching, my head was killing me and my stomach… gah, my stomach.  Just cut it out of me and spare me.  I didn’t eat at all, but I did manage to drink Gatorade and water non-stop and keep it down.  I kept falling asleep at random (since I hadn’t had coffee, this was quite easy).  I probably slept most of the day Saturday.

Overnight last night I fared much better.  I didn’t have any occurrences to make me wake up and run, so that’s good.  I am still aching this morning, but at least I finally got that hungry feeling.  I’m chowing on some crackers and sitting in #morphix talking to the folks there.  Oh yeah, and listening to music.

I’ll sit out of work at least another day or two due to how contagious this little fucker is, but hey, at least I’ll feel better eventually.

Family Update

Thanks to all of you for the well wishes. The positive vibes seem to be doing well.

I got home late yesterday (about 9pm), minus most of my clothes. I had to leave the clothes at the laundromat in San Jose. My coworker is supposedly going to mail them to me. Hopefully 🙂 My wardrobe isn’t much, so most of it is still there.

Taitai has recovered from her sickness, but our little boy is still quite ill. He managed to get through the day yesterday without puking, but relapsed today by expressing his gratitude for my return via rocket vomit. Yes, I was showered not once, but twice. Serves me right I suppose, since the wife got slimed countless times on Monday.

We’ll likely be taking him back to the doctor again tomorrow.

The dog is also doing pretty well. She went to the doctor today. I was pretty nervous that this was going to turn out mighty serious because, let’s face it, when it comes to situations with people and pets being ill, I get really emotional. I’m already on edge with the son being sick, so the dog being ill is the icing on the cake.

At first, I was waiting in the room trying to console Trixie when the door opened and the nurse walked in. It happened to be a friend of mine from high school. I’ve been in touch with this friend so it’s not like she was long and lost, but I was surprised to find her working at my vet. We both did a double-take, then she started talking about when she started working there, etc. She took Trixie in the back and I could hear them wrestle her down and start to clip the nails… CLACK… CLACK… CL… CLACK. Yeah, her nails were that bad. The dog’s nails were like something you’d see on a bearded Hindu man in India because she won’t let us clip them. After they clipped the nails and examined her, the doc came back in with my high school friend and explained the situation.

Trixie is old. 13 to be exact… and actually quite healthy.

The problem she has acquired has to do with the right ear. It appears that some of the “sand” that helps the brain determine balance and eyesight is stuck in the wrong tube. It’s causing her head to tilt to the right and her eyes to twitch from side to side. She’s also walking quite drunkenly. Apparently this is common in Trixie’s breed at senior ages and it usually goes away by itself… then comes back, then goes away, etc. He said that she will likely always have the head tilt, but her eyesight and balance should return.

That was pretty unusual, but made sense. I also asked about her eyesight because we feared she had cataracts. Turns out though – no cataracts, she merely has a protein buildup that is causing her lenses to focus poorly. She is having blurry vision (and the sand-ear problem is screwing it up worse), but she’s not blind. Good news overall.

The doc prescribed some medicine for motion sickness and sent Trixie on her way.

Now if we can just figure out what’s wrong with the boy…

Thanks again for everyone’s support. Your emails and well wishes mean a lot.

An Unexpected Turn

My wife and son have taken ill, so I have cancelled the third leg of my trip to head home. I can tell my wife is exhausted and not feeling well – I need to be back home.

Our dog Trixie has also taken very ill – we’re not so sure she’s going to make it thru the week. More later.

I’ll be back in the home town tomorrow night.

Why Linux will not displace Windows | TalkBack on ZDNet

Why Linux will not displace Windows | TalkBack on ZDNet

Absolutely hysterical, misinformed opinion about Windows and Linux.  Must read, especially you #morphixers.

An Inbox Zero Approach

I’ve had it on my task list to post a note about how I do email for quite a while now. I’ve decided to go ahead and get the article written and post it for some time over the weekend while I’m out running around San Francisco/San Jose. That’ll give you something to read while I’m out enjoying… something. Like I can see into the future or something.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of Merlin Mann and That’s no secret, but what you may not know is that I actually have had little time to catch up on what Merlin and his gang preach. I’ve heard of Inbox Zero and I’ve heard of GTD, but it dawned on me that I already employed most of these practices in my every day work. At least, I think so. I don’t really know since I’ve just not read that stuff.

So what I’m going to give you here is my own version of Inbox Zero. If it happens to be what Merlin preaches, awesome.

Once a coworker asked me how it was that I never forgot to answer an email. She also wondered how I kept the Inbox so clean on my email.

I’ll tell you right now – this was born out of necessity. If my Inbox has tens… hundreds… or thousands of messages… read and unread… I can tell you right now with a very high degree of authority that my brain will fucking explode. There’s something about having a pile of email in my inbox that makes me feel like my life is so unsettled that I absolutely, positively cannot move forward with my life until there is some peace to it.

Some of you are likely saying that it’s just a problem I have – or an excuse. I don’t know, you could be right. But I’ll wave this carrot in your face. It’s really damn rare that I forget to answer an email and I make damn sure my answers are as timely and informative as possible.

How does this happen?

It starts with realizing that about 85% of your email in the Inbox is just passing conversation. Most of your Inbox is full of messages that aren’t even addressed directly to you. Most of the messages are passing conversations. A passing conversation is one that you’re included on but just via CC: or BCC: if it’s really juicy. Those messages just need to be read… nay, not even read… scanned. Just scan them. Scan them and your brain will pick up on the important parts. What’s crucial though is that after you’ve scanned it, MOVE IT. Get it out of your inbox. File it away by dragging it to a folder with a subject-relevant name. Don’t wait to do this – do it now. NOW. YES NOW.

If you run across an email that you’re directly addressed and has some information that provokes a response from you, that’s great. Don’t respond now. Just read enough of an email to make that decision:

…do I need to respond to this or read it more thoroughly or…
…is this a passing conversation?

If it’s a passing conversation, file it.

If it’s something that requires you to respond OR read more thoroughly, FLAG IT and MOVE ON.

Keep working through each individual email from oldest to newest until you’ve made this first and most crucial decision on each email in your inbox. If you’ve filed away a high percentage of your emails and flagged more, that’s fine. What you want to do is end up with a collection of emails that are flagged for your attention.

The next pass on your email is just as easy. Now you need to go through your email and decide… is this part of a conversation that is being tracked? If so, follow netiquette and find the latest communique on the thread in question. Keep that message. Unflag the rest and file them away. You want to only respond to the latest message in the thread. Nothing is more irritating than someone who reads a thread days later and responds somewhere in the middle, thereby creating a branch of the conversation that didn’t need to exist.

The third and final pass on your email is the hardest and most time consuming. Take the time to sit and analyze each message closely from oldest to newest. As you respond, send the message, then unflag your Inbox copy and file it away before moving to the next message. Do this until your inbox is down to nothing.

Following this method, you will never lose track of an email conversation or action again.

Well, you might want to lose track of the action. That’s a personal choice.

To review…

1st pass:
…quickly scan each email from oldest to newest and decide:
…am I cc’d and just a member of this passing conversation?
…or does this message require deeper mental processing?
…if yes, you’re just a member in passing convo, file it
…if not:
…flag message for followup and move on.
1st pass goal: eliminate 75% of email from inbox.

2nd pass:
…quickly scan each email from oldest to newest and decide:
…is there a later development in this conversation that I need to look at?
…if yes, unflag message and file it.
…if no, this message is the one you will respond to. Stop.
2nd pass goal: eliminate another 5-10% of your email from inbox.

3rd pass:
…start from oldest to newest. Read and respond.
…After responding, UNFLAG message and FILE IT IMMEDIATELY.
3rd pass goal: eliminate remaining messages to reach 100% disposition of messages.

There you have it. Hope it helps.

Oh yeah, and don’t use your Desktop folder for anything except the file you’re working on. When done with the file, file it and get it off your desktop.

Another free tip. Love me. I’m here for you. To be loved. I like love.

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A Tourist Day in San Francisco and Napa Valley

Today was a lovely day.

A friend of ours drove over to pick us up and took us north to Napa Valley. We drove through the valleys… miles upon miles of vineyards. I’ve never seen anything like that – rolling hills completely covered with grape vines. It was amazing.

After stopping at 4 or 5 places, the wine tasting was getting to me. Okie, I got pretty damn drunk. I’m not really sure what happened in the late afternoon portion of the trip, except that I woke up and we were back in San Francisco.

We ate at a nice place near Fisherman’s Wharf. I had a lovely, succulent grilled salmon and a nice, creamy toffee pie for dessert. We walked back to the cable car station and took the cable car all the way back to the hotel. I was hanging on for dear life during the entire trip.

My back hurts a little bit, as I took the backpack out and around today. I don’t think I will be taking it tomorrow.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing brunch and then working for a while. Whee!


OH. My. GOD.

That’s the best adrenaline rush I’ve had in a LONG time.

Macworld Day 5

Right now, PDT: I am in a Q&A session with Alex Lindsay, Leo Laporte, Craig Syverson and Kenji Kato… in the front row!

Here’s practically live proof…

Podcasting Session.jpg

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