When source code attacks

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#477454 – Insulting source code – Debian Bug report logs

…ran across this bug filing in my morning travels.  What a scream.  I love it when nerds get personal and start using source code to do battle.  That’s one of my favorite parts of Linux – just think of all the copies of Debian floating around out there that contains source code like this (Warning: salty, sailor-esque language, as if readers of this blog haven’t run across it before):

— player.py (Revision 4026)
+++ player.py (Revision 4027)
@@ -287,7 +287,9 @@

def init(pipeline, librarian):
– if gst.element_make_from_uri(gst.URI_SRC, “file://”, “”):
+ if gst.element_make_from_uri(
+ gst.URI_SRC,
+ “file:///Sebastian/Droge/please/choke/on/a/bucket/of/cocks”, “”):
global playlist
playlist = PlaylistPlayer(pipeline or “gconfaudiosink”,
return playlist
daniel@bert:~/1/quodlibet-1.x$ svn log -r 4026:4027
r4027 | piman | 2007-04-27 05:17:05 +0200 (Fr, 27 Apr 2007) | 1 line

player.init: Give a fake filename to trick GStreamer 0.10.12’s filesrc.

plasma and the screensaver « ChaniBlog

plasma and the screensaver « ChaniBlog

So, while trolling the feeds and coming across Chani’s post about this screensaver… and what amounts to one of the stranger use cases I’ve seen in a while… there’s this discussion about some plans to integrate plasma widgets into kdescreensaver and whatnot.  Yeah, she has a use case to justify this sort of functionality and it’s a little odd.  All I have to say is that if I had friends who took it upon themselves to diddle with my laptop while I was away, I’m afraid homicide would be in order.

I’m just saying…

A Three-Year-Old’s First Star Wars Scene

Those of you who may not be subscribed to Porkbuns… may I point you in the direction of this blog post

Cracking ribs

Last Friday I rushed home after work much like I had the week before. I was hell-bent on getting the grass cut before a storm arrived and rained on the parade. This time, however, the storm wasn’t as close.

I managed to take my time to get the grass cut without provoking the rain, but I certainly provoked something else. I began collecting mucus in my throat and chest – and so it began… a weekend long escapade with non-stop coughing.

By yesterday, I had coughed so much and so hard that my ribs felt like bursting with each violent outburst. It *hurts*, it really does. I fell asleep several times over the weekend and woke up feeling better, only to feel worse again a few hours later.

It was a miserable weekend and I don’t want to think that perhaps it was caused by cutting the grass, but I’m afraid I cannot deny that possibility. Allergies… to pollen and/or grass? For a Southeast boy? You must be kidding.

In other news, I’m battling a RIS server at work. Who knew Broadcom and PXE boot don’t get along well? Argh.

I’ve been taking much more time away from work lately… especially beyond the 40 hour mark. I’m thinking I might be able to get more done with RA with that plan 😉

And finally, in some very unhappy news, I’m afraid we’ll have to be putting our good dog Trixie down this week. She has grown very thin and her quality of life is just not good these days. I guess it’s time to let her go… despite how I feel about it.

That part is a much, much longer story.

Now I am falling asleep at the keyboard, so I suppose it’s time to cut this stream off and go to bed.

Macs DO have a right-click

After reading CNN Money’s review of the Macbook Air, I feel it’s very important to shout it from the rooftops, since people seem to be too stupid to get to system preferences and discover it for themselves…



Have you…

How many of you have looked over at http://www.porkbuns.org lately?

Getting Back to my Mac working

Like others, I was having mucho trouble getting Back to my Mac working. I’m happy to say that now it works pretty reliably on many networks that I’ve tried to connect from.

I should start by saying that I do have one of the Apple-recommended routers at home… to be more specific, I have an Apple Airport Extreme 802.11n.

Since I have this router and it supports the NAT-UPnP that is needed for my home tower to open the ports, I didn’t have to do any specific forwarding. However, I did have something going on that was foiling it quite well. I had port 443 opened and forwarding to a Linux server on the local network. Turns out, that’s one of the ports that BtmM wants to use – 443/tcp and 4500/udp, to be specific. I took off the specific port mapping for 443 and it was all about the authentication at that point.

That did get me thinking though. For some multitudes of broadband users, BtmM probably won’t function. Apparently, BtmM uses 443/tcp to handshake and then negotiate the connections with your .Mac password. That’s fine, but what about all of those ISPs that block well-known web ports like 80 and 443?

That’ll pose a problem. So if you’re on an ISP that likes to do something like that, there’s a good chance that BtmM will not work for you. If you’re not in that boat, try the following:

– Make sure you have an Apple-branded router (or Apple recommended)
– Make sure you’re not using port 443 for something on your home network (or 4500/udp for that matter)
– Make sure UPnP is enabled on your router
– Make sure all computers involved are on OS X 10.5.2 or higher
– Make sure all routers are on the latest firmware
– Make sure your authentication is set up properly. On my laptop, my username is different than what I use on the tower at home. Therefore, initial connections fail because after using .Mac to authenticate, then it wants to use the local username of the machine you’re connecting to. Make sure your keychain agrees with that.

Home Shopping Network Bullshit

“Gateway is the first to come out with an all-in-one computer with one cable!”

“Gateway is a technology leader in the industry!”

“Streamlined and beautiful!”

“Intel came to Gateway and said, ‘We want to design the best all-in-one unit ever made!'” (This line was borrowed from Steve Jobs’ speech, no?)

“We have 2GB of RAM, so it’s true multitasking!”

“It’s just built for power!”

It was pretty thick.

Dear God I have to turn this off.

Browser wars are a waste of time

There’s one thing that’s been on my mind recently. I’m sure you’re familiar with the news that Apple has been delivering Safari by default to Windows users with iTunes installed. I think just about everyone agrees that this is committing a fairly heinous crime against your users, but let’s analyze a different take on this.

Back in June of 2007, Steve Jobs declared his intention to get “the best browser in the world” on as many Windows PC’s as he could. This declaration was reinforced at Macworld 2008 in January of this year. Mr. Jobs was hell bent on gaining market share with his browser on both major platforms. He wants that market share like, uhh, well, now.

One has to wonder if perhaps that market share just isn’t happening like he wanted. Perhaps that’s what led up to Apple making the nuclear decision to install it by default on the next iTunes update. I know that subsequently, I’ve seen many Windows PCs with Safari installed and yeah, I’ve even heard Windows users trying it out. Some like it, some don’t. That’s beside the point. It was a Bad Idea ™ for Apple to force it down their throats, hypocrisy and all… but that’s not why I’m here.

I’m here in this article because you see, I don’t get it.

I absolutely, positively do not understand the browser wars. In the day and age where Internet Explorer was not standards compliant a-tall, sure that made a difference because webmasters bent the standards to their whim to the browser with the largest market. Now that Microsoft has “seen the light” and intend to go as fully standards-compliant as possible in IE8, why do the browser wars matter?

Firefox is pretty standards compliant. Safari is very standards compliant. IE is going to be.

So why does it matter anymore?

Market share for browsers is not the real battle – it’s the desktop and the ecosystem, which of course, starts in the home. But the browser wars just do not have a point that I can gather at all.

Therefore, I’d like you, dear reader, to explain it to me.

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Microsoft reveals new content partners, DRM for Silverlight

Microsoft reveals new content partners, DRM for Silverlight: “Microsoft unveiled on Monday new content partners for its Silverlight technology and provided details of a forthcoming DRM (digital rights management) technology for its multimedia platform.”

(Via ActiveWin.com Headlines.)

Did Microsoft not get the memo that DRM is dying?