Indiana Jones review

Three words: Consistent and fun.

The historical “situation” he gets wrapped up in is pretty funny this time around.

Good film, lots of fun. Don’t expect enlightenment, but expect fun.

The suck

WWDC 2008 is sold out. WWDC is sold out for the first time in history.

Guess who hadn’t gotten his ticket?

Evolution and Exchange 2007

Setup Entourage 2004 to connect to Exchange 2007 – Robbas Weblog

After reading this blog article and knowing that Entourage 2004 and Evolution both use webdav to talk to Exchange, I’m wondering if this information would resolve Evolution connectivity into Exchange 2007.  Those of you coming to this blog and seeking that info could give it a try, then comment below if it works.  Thanks 🙂

NO CARRIER Episode 2 is out!

I’ve just posted NO CARRIER Episode #2: Diagnosis: Penguin. Yeah, this is the one I said you open sourcers might like. It has the telling of a Linux success story, one that I’m sure many of you already understand the model, but perhaps the suits do not. Check it out!


Upcoming NO CARRIER may be of interest to open sourcers

Those of you who read the open source parts of this blog may be interested in NO CARRIER Episode 2: Diagnosis Penguin. It’s a little over an hour long, but the second half of the podcast is dominated by an interview with a company who found Windows inadequate for their needs. It’s a wonderful Linux success story and there might be some lessons for entrepreneurs out there.

Give it a listen and spread the word if you’re one of those well-read Linux folks, please 🙂

Sending thanks to Singapore

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the very lovely Eilla for the very nice birthday greetz as well as the wonderful plug for the new podcast. It’s always nice to know you have such great friends on the other side of the planet 🙂

Thanks again, Eilla 🙂 Hope you’re getting some sleep (finally!)

When NO CARRIER attacks

The late night gremlins have struck again…

…the first NO CARRIER podcast is now available for your tasting. We hope you enjoy it. We know it’s missing some fancy opening/close theme music, we’re working on that.

You may listen to the podcast over here:

…or, if you prefer, subscribe to the feed via:

We’ve submitted the podcast to the iTunes directory, so hopefully that will come about soon.