Mysterious blood pressure

Today was “officially” day two of the gym and the workout was even tougher this time around. I had a full 4 days away from the gym. 3 of them were from the family reunion, 1 of them was because a work issue ended up taking over the whole time slot.

I got to it today and man was it painful.

The blood pressure was down to 154/106. This blood pressure thing is mysterious to me. My Omron blood pressure monitor for the house arrived today and I took some readings at home. They were MUCH lower – in the 110-115/80-90 range. I bet the doctor would much prefer to see that. Still, it seems to be borderline, but apparently I’m not on the edge of the abyss as the medical folks had made me out to be.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Lauren, a personal trainer, from 4 til 5. I spotted Lauren in the gym today.

Let’s just say I’m going to be embarrassed as hell.

Snow Leopard will pwn me

It’s all here.

I’m just shocked and speechless. Pwned, even.

First day at the gym

My first REAL day at the gym was a doozy. I did 30 minutes of treadmill, alternating speeds when I could take it and warming down too. I got the heart rate up to 145, which is right where Southern-belle Megan wanted me to be.

It felt pretty good. Really, it did. Then I got off the machine and felt quite dizzy for a moment. I had really pushed it.

I moved to the strength training half of the program and found myself unable to do as many reps as I had done yesterday on some of the machines. It just hurt too much. I did a few and called it a day, vowing not to push myself too much.

Finally, the payoff. After all that and some stretching, I sat down and took my blood pressure. It was 165/104, an immediate improvement over yesterday’s 180/110.

Interesting… and quite encouraging.

I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Romero

So I had the gym assessment today. This assessment is required before this wellness center thing will let you participate in their program. I’ve visited the vampires and run the physical tests they wanted, now here I sat with this lovely young lady fresh from Tuscaloosa. She pulled her jacket close and complained that someone keeps the gym far too cold, then opened my file.

“We’re actually surprised you’re not dead,” she says.

So starts my “New Life” as some might call it, or what I call a journey into hell. It’s time I get my physical act together and the starting point news just isn’t good. I couldn’t have picked a better time to get started on this because, well you see… my blood pressure was just about to give me a stroke.

“It’s right on the borderline of where we require a medical release from your doctor.”

Greeaaat. “By the way, did they note down that I drink coffee?”

The young roll tider seemed quite relieved. “That’s actually good to hear!”

Despite this, I have a feeling my blood pressure is far too high anyway. My heart rate is too low and my blood pressure is too high – that spells trouble for this geek. Too much more of this and I’ll be under arrest from Mr. Cardiac.

Or so I’m told.

She “prescribes” an exercise routine that involves at least 30 minutes of cardio workout and 30 minutes of strength training. She then proceeds to lead me around the gym to show me how to use the equipment.

It was all a very nice and pleasant visit, but honestly, I’m scared to death. After finding out that I’m a walking corpse…

…my first thought was to audition for George Romero’s next film.

Wish me luck, people.


This morning we recorded NO CARRIER #5. I’ll give you a sneak peek at my Site Pick of the Unspecified Time Period: Uniqlock.

If you look just below the applet on the right side, you’ll see what looks like a clock for Chicago and some fabulously slinky Japanese dancers. Watch it and enjoy. Be sure to turn on the sound (especially you, Beth)… the music is great.

NO CARRIER #5 will go into post later tonight and tomorrow, for late night delivery tomorrow night or Tuesday morning. You should be able to enjoy it then 🙂

Happy Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day 2008. Happy Father’s Day to all of you out there who are dads.

For me, it’s a time to reflect. I love my kids dearly, but I don’t think I’m a great dad. I hope to change that someday. I think a lot of it needs to change with my health, which I am addressing very soon.

Maybe I’ll get better then.

iPhone to be allowed on other carriers?

I really can’t believe this hasn’t been pointed out before… so I guess I’ll do the dirty work and try to fan the flames of rumor.

This started when I read Paul Thurrott’s latest blog post, with which I could not agree more.

Then, I decided it’s time to blog about this and see if anyone had noticed:


(Click image for larger view)

Why would you have a SIM ejector tool in the 3G box if they didn’t intend you to use it? The EDGE model has a SIM ejector hole, but there’s no included tool that I can recall…

Can I start a rumor? We’ll see.

NO CARRIER #4 posted, all revel in joy

Despite a misguided choice to change sound editors for a show that had to come out under the gun, we managed to crank off episode 4 of NO CARRIER. This episode is focused on WWDC and its related goodness.

NO CARRIER is a tech show, yes… but not an overly focused tech show. We’re a couple of geeks who just like to discuss things that tickle (or itch) our fancy. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Building codes

Why can’t building codes be updated to withstand tornado hits a little bit better? At least update the code in tornado-prone areas and force an underground shelter to be part of the home…?

All the talk I hear is, “they need warning, they need enough warning.” What good is a warning if there isn’t adequate shelter?

A Mac Rescues Vista

Today, our Blackberry reps came to visit for the quarterly meeting with our project. It’s always fun when these folks visit; they’re quite personable and wow, do they like to eat.

This time they brought along a fellow by the name of Jim from Boxtone. Boxtone is a monitoring system for RIM’s flagship product and it seems pretty interesting.

What was more interesting was the fact that his Vista laptop absolutely, positively would not get on the guest wireless. It would connect with a proper signal strength of 5 bars, but it would not get an address from the local DHCP server.

We spent about 30 minutes trying to unravel this mystery until it was finally decided to put the presentation on a thumbdrive and hook it up to the Mac. We ran the projector over to the Mac, got on the webex, engaged mirror view on the projector and the Macbook Pro and within seconds we were sharing his presentation out on the Webex with minimal effort.

And people like Paul Thurrott wonder why Vista isn’t doing well…? 🙂

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