iPhone to be allowed on other carriers?

I really can’t believe this hasn’t been pointed out before… so I guess I’ll do the dirty work and try to fan the flames of rumor.

This started when I read Paul Thurrott’s latest blog post, with which I could not agree more.

Then, I decided it’s time to blog about this and see if anyone had noticed:


(Click image for larger view)

Why would you have a SIM ejector tool in the 3G box if they didn’t intend you to use it? The EDGE model has a SIM ejector hole, but there’s no included tool that I can recall…

Can I start a rumor? We’ll see.

One thought on “iPhone to be allowed on other carriers?”

  1. It’s not going to work for another carrier. No way, no how. There’s an exclusive contract …. neither side’s gonna break it. 🙁

    If it *did*, I’d trade my stupid little whatever-I’ve got for an iphone and I’d be first in line.

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