Feeling better

The first month or so of working out in the gym has come and gone and… wow… I do wish I had started this sooner.

I feel so much better and have actually lost 14 pounds… that is, until last night, where I put away 2 breadsticks, 2 servings of salad and a Tour of Italy. 1,500 or so calories later and I’m feelin’ the guilt.

I wanted to recommend some software out there (Mac or Windows) for people who are also going thru this struggle. I’m falling in love with the software from CalorieKing as a tool for tracking/managing my guilt… er… food intake and exercise program. I haven’t bought it yet, simply because I’ve not had time – but they offer a 7 day trial that is worth checking into. If you’re struggling with weight and trying to get your shit together too, I recommend this over a Numbers spreadsheet 😉

I’m heading to Denver for a week at a work conference. We’re putting on the conference – the engineering gang has to give six (!) presentations this time around. We got off easy last year, comparitively speaking. At least our presentations are entertaining. If you work with us and don’t plan on attending our sessions, you should rethink it 😉

A Friday Laff

This one goes out to Beth, whom I think needs some serious cheering up.

BTW, this video absolutely, positively scared the living bejeezus out of my little son.  I thought it was funny.

Blogging from iphone

Here’s a test post using the wordpress app on the iPhone. Seems to work well. I bet this post is lame.

Guest spot on The DVD Marquee

Just a heads up, in case you give a damn. I’ve occasionally been guesting on a podcast named “The DVD Marquee” with Jeff Rosado. Last night we hammered out a scheduled 30-minute-but-really-1.5-hour-broadcast on The Dark Knight.

If inclined to listen to the discussion, you can catch it here. We talk pretty much at length about the production including the script’s themes, the acting and everything else relevant to a film.

Hope you enjoy it!

Java update begs you to install OpenOffice

I was just installing the latest Java update on my Windows VM and noticed that it was pushing me to install OpenOffice. Not only did it offer to do this for me, it checked the box by default.

I unchecked it, then while receiving the Java update I was fed an ad on why OpenOffice is good.

The press would be eviscerating Microsoft for doing this in an update – why aren’t we saying anything to Sun? Is it because they’re “not evil” in some respect?


Resolving Parallels barf on XP SP3

This may work for Vista SP1 also, but it may not. I just know that it solved my Windows XP SP3 issue.

On my Mac Pro at home, I have a 100gb partition set up for dual-booting Windows XP with Boot Camp. I also have Parallels set up to use this BC partition in a VM.

While in the native Boot Camp install of Parallels, I installed SP3 for Windows XP (after updating to Boot Camp 2.1, this is IMPORTANT as it updates the drivers on your machine). Fortunately, my machine survived just fine, so I moved back into OS X.

In OS X though, I wasn’t so lucky. The machine got into a reboot loop with the error message AUTOCHK NOT FOUND. Suck.

The solution is to open Parallels…

1. Select your Boot Camp VM
2. Edit –> Virtual Machine
3. Go to the hard disk listed in your VM.
4. Click “advanced”
5. Click “Clear” to clear the hard drive information on your BC install.
6. Start your VM.
7. Notice it boots fine. Yay!
9. Reboot again.
10. All should be well!

Hope this helps.

Flash: America too Immature to Deal with a Black President

Today I ran across this post on CNN:

McLaughlin takes heat for ‘Oreo’ comment

Add this to the mounting evidence that even America’s own blacks can’t entirely stand the thought of Obama leading this nation; even they get racial (see the Rev. Jesse James’ off-the-cuff remarks when he thought he was muted).

It seems like ever since Mrs. Clinton dropped out of the presidential bid, the racial claws have come out from every corner. It’s like someone turned a spotlight on Obama and shouted, “OH MY GOD HE’S FUCKING BLACK! WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?!?”

Yeah. What do you do now? You ELECT HIM and treat him like a human being, you idiots! Why is his race even being discussed!?

I’ll tell you why. Because we’re still far too immature to accept the idea that someone other than an old white guy wearing a suit and tie can lead this country. Sad. He’s a human being and part of the human race. Who cares what the color of his skin is?

Grow up, you bunch of fucking tards.

Apple App Store is open

I’m sitting here in the Memphis airport with my gen-1 iPhone downloading AIM over Edge from the new App Store. How neat is that? It’s open, go get it, folks.

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Don’t Hate Doom III, It Stacked Paper to the Ceiling

Don’t Hate Doom III, It Stacked Paper to the Ceiling: “Some people don’t like id Software’s Doom III, saying, yeah, that game just isn’t very good. Company CEO Todd Hollenshead has a message for those people: ‘I get this occasionally — why don’t I think Doom III was successful? We sold over three million units! It’s the most successful game in id’s history.'”

(Via Digg.)

Maybe you could compare this to Windows Vista. Yeah, it’s sold umpteen millions of units, but I don’t know anyone who really, really likes Vista. Nor do I know anyone that kept it if they had a choice. There are those who kept it that do NOT have a choice, but they don’t count in this discussion.

Microsoft on Vista: ‘The time of worry is over.’

I can hardly wait to see what comes of this:

Microsoft on Vista: ‘The time of worry is over.’: “Microsoft wants its partners and customers to know that it’s done letting its competitors and critics walk all over Windows Vista.

‘We know our story is very different from what our competitors want us to think,’ Brad Brooks, Corporate Vice President of Windows Consumer Product, told attendees of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston during a keynote address on July 8. ‘Today we are drawing a line and are going to start telling the real story’ about Vista.”

(Via ActiveWin.com Headlines.)