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I see it happen every day.  There’s a cast of characters out there – Leo Laporte, Chris Pirillo, Jason Calacanis, John Dvorak, Robert Scoble (whom I absolutely DESPISE because of that “I’m the man!” snapshot on his blog… makes me want to beat him with his fucking tripod)… a whole elite clique of cynical blog/journalists who bring up topics and lead folks around them.

The listeners (and I admit, I’m one of them) follow them from point A to point B every morning, midday and afternoon.  It can be a link they found, a story they found, what have you.  Now take these salt shakers and add the wire press (Reuters, Associated Press, etc.) and you have the flock.

I started thinking about this tonight while listening to John Dvorak’s Tech5 podcast.  One regular complaint of Mr. Dvorak is the redundancy in the news business today.  One story gets picked up by a wire service and it explodes all over the net with thousands of redundant postings.  Add the Cynic Clique into the mix and then you’ve grabbed their listeners to comment on the stories at whatever social network has the spotlight today.

Web 2.0 and social networking is likely to fail.  There is an enormous amount of time and originality being wasted here on a daily basis.  I’m starting to wonder when people move on.

I guess it should start with myself.

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One thought on “The Blog Flock”

  1. I wouldn’t say that Web 2.0 and social networking is likely to fail. First, you should realize that Web 2.0 is about providing services that people need. When a product fits a need it doesn’t fail. It might be replaced with something better, but Web 2.0 in structure is not a fad, but an engine to accomplish a goal. Then again, I think companies touting “web 2.0” and saying that bringing customer blogging to your corporate website is the thing of the future are total morons. Apply the tool where the tool works. Web 2.0 means rich experience, not just willy-nilly trying to weld disparate parts of the Internet together for no real purpose other than “it was there.”

    Social networking is the natural extension of BBS’s (which I know you’re familiar with.) But, just like computers, it’s been expanded for the masses of idiots who really don’t know much more than how to turn on their computer, and half the time they get that wrong. Unfortunately for geeks like us, it’s extremely annoying, but still a technology that everyone will use. Just because I think you should have a license and complete a course to purchase a computer doesn’t mean it’s ever going to happen.

    I laugh every time I see people with those stupid bluetooth gadets sticking out of their ears as they’re checking out at the grocery store. You know that person maybe gets four phone calls a day, but Uhura’s widget sits at the ready waiting for sounds of Klingons. But, that’s another example of tech being brought to the masses. Those same people would have laughed us geeks out of the room if we’d had one of those in our ears as little as 6 years ago.

    And on the topic of Scoble, “ProBlogger” and others: Personally I find blogging for the sake of blogging slightly less worse than blogging ABOUT blogging. I still follow these guys on Twitter, but I only click one out of 30 links they submit. It’s people like Guy Kawasaki whom I finally had to stop following because 99% of his posts were spam advertising his own stupid offbeat news site about things that had no relation on reality.

    Getting caught up in following everything these people say is counterproductive and wastes your time even more than it does there’s.

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