Two Weeks in California

Apple WWDC07
Image by tom ferris via Flickr

Apple finally announced the WWDC 2009 dates and they couldn’t have targeted a better week.

It looks like I will become a representative for my agency on the Calconnect standards organization.  They happen to be having a meeting at Oracle in Redwood Shores, CA the week prior to WWDC.  With the wife’s permission, this means two weeks in the wide and crazy world of San Francisco.

I must admit I’m not a huge fan of the San Francisco scene.  Sometimes I feel like I’m too old to really appreciate all the life and culture that goes on out there.  But maybe have a day or two out there by myself with little to do can turn that around.  We shall see.

It seems like I’m getting more traffic to this site, so I’m wondering – do any of you want to see any WWDC-related coverage here, or do you plan on relying on the big boys for that?  If so, maybe I can find some of the little-known stuff to report on.

Let me know.  Even if you don’t care 😉

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Exploring the Japanese Night

BEPPU, JAPAN - DECEMBER 02:  Japanese geisha p...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I love to travel, especially to points in Asia.  I have a mental list of places in Asia that I intend to visit somehow, sometime in my life.  Japan and points within is high on that list.

One of my favorite parts of the web is being able to enjoy the work of others as they chronicle what their lands look like.  It’s almost like opening the window and seeing the reality of another land just outside your window.  While this sounds cheesy; for this I am quite grateful for the web.

A site that illustrates this very well is located here.  This site almost pulls me right in to Japan and makes me feel as though I’m standing there on some windy ledge looking around at the various points of interest at dusk.  I love it.  I could spend hours on sites like this.

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Wallpaper Outrage

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

Paul Thurrott posted a nice attaboy to the MSN folks today for releasing a wallpaper product that will check Microsoft for updates to your operating system.

Get ready folks, I’m about to show my ass again.

Are you KIDDING ME?  Paul Thurrott has obviously never had to manage a network beyond his own house.  Microsoft commonly releases updates through Windows Update and if you’re a Windows admin worth your salt, you’ll know that it’s wise to wait on many of these updates until you’re sure they’re not going to fry your systems.  Indeed, many enterprises flat out block Windows Update and only deploy them when they’re ready to support any mishaps.

Any of you who think Microsoft cannot commit mishaps in an operating system update is just a fracking idiot.  Period.  Don’t even bother talking to me.

So now these MSN goons have released software that lets you bypass your enterprise security measures on Windows Update?  THANKS ASSHOLES.  If you’re running an enterprise network, please take a look at this software package that your users are RUSHING OUT THERE TO DOWNLOAD before they gank up your network.

This is basically WALLPAPER that can update your OS?  Great.  Another background app.  Another systray app.  Another useless waste of time and resources from a company that should be spending its time fixing Exchange 2007 instead of releasing useless garbage that grants enterprise users free license to bypass their IT department.


You have so jumped the shark.

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