Drobo Still Takes Forever to Rebuild?

I’m guessing from the amount of hits on the Drobo article from 2009 that people are still having problems with Drobos rebuilding the array in a decent amount of time.

Ever since I got a DS4600 using standard RAID-5 I’ve been quite happy. Rebuild times on a 6TB volume are about 2.5 hours. Note: the volume is only about 1/3rd full, but it’s still way more data than what was on the Drobo in 2009.

Since that incident I strongly reconsider anything that implements something in a closed, proprietary fashion to replace a standard.

Just sayin’.

If you have one of the newer Drobo units and still have problems with the array rebuilding in an acceptable amount of time, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about it.

3 thoughts on “Drobo Still Takes Forever to Rebuild?”

  1. I would expect that even if a SSD is compatible, you wouldn’t want the Drobo chewing through write cycles like it chews on HDDs during Data Protection mode.

    I just bought a 2nd Gen Drobo 4-bay and had a hell of a time with it in the last 24 hours. Right out of the box, Drobo locked up with all of the front panel lights on and the power light glowing red. I had to manually reset the box to get it to boot.

    As I was copying data to the Drobo over FireWire 800, Finder would randomly throw an error that the data could not be read/written. After 3 reformats and 3 failed attempts at copying the data to the Drobo, I figured out that the Drobo didn’t like being second in the chain of FireWire devices plugged into my mini. Moving the Drobo to first in the chain appears to have addressed the file copy issue. While I probably couldn’t blame the Drobo for this, my other FireWire devices could care less where they are in the chain and have worked flawlessly for over a year.

    So, after copying about 750GB of data to the Drobo, I needed to add a new drive. I slapped in a 2TB WD Caviar Green to match the 2TB already in the Drobo. It has been rebuilding for the last 8 hours. Drobo Dashboard initially said 8 hours (no prob there), but I looked 4 hours later and it said “about an hour”. 30 mins later, it now says 12 hours, then 15 hours.

    The Drobo is sitting idle with nothing writing to it and it cannot even give me a general idea of when I can expect the Data Protection process to complete. Needless to say, I’m not impressed with my purchase so far. I can only imagine what’s going to happen once I eventually have 4, 8, or 16 TB on this unit. 3 week rebuilds are unacceptable.

  2. Hi,

    did anyone waited out the long rebuild process?
    I had the same problem: Suddenly a drive failure occrred. As it was a 3TB disk, just purchased 3 month ago, and my SATA2USB could only recognize 800 MB (I have no desktop, only laptops), I could not check if it has really failed.
    As I had still the warranty I replaced it without probs (thanks to WD) and replaced the brand new drive into the failed drives slot.

    And then the rebuild process started …
    Now it runs for about a month!
    Some days ago, as the drive was not shown in the dashboard anymore, unplugged the drobo and switched it on again. It was recognized again (although with read-only access) and showed me 119 hours needed to rebuild. When I checked after roughly 4 days only 9 hours where remaining. But after about 3 hours it jumped up to more then 200 hours, currently reporting 218 hours 🙁

    Is it worth waiting, will it successfully end? I am thinking to switch as well, found: http://frankleng.me/2010/05/01/zfs-powered-nas-the-ultimate-alternative-to-drobo-droboshare-the-complete-guide/ quite attractive …

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