Nintendo chief slams iPhone, Android for devaluing games | Electronista

Really, Nintendo? Maybe the games were overpriced to begin with.

When we were looking to get our son a Nintendo DS I pushed hard to get him an iPod Touch. My reasoning:

  • There were no cartridges to lose
  • The games weren’t overpriced
  • The games were more “throwaway” – he’s a six year old boy. His interest level in a game will come and go as quickly as the day

He pushed back. He really wanted the Nintendo DS. After 7 months he barely ever touches the thing and has lost multiple cartridges. In his defense, he found them pretty quickly, but still, managing your game collection is just stupid.

Sounds to me like Nintendo is upset about the loss of business. Why are they losing business? It’s the same reason the entertainment industry and press are losing business. They refused to innovate and evolve the business model.

Nintendo chief slams iPhone, Android for devaluing games | Electronista: “”

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  1. It’s a common pattern in big business:

    Create a new line of products
    Dominate the market
    Fail to keep pace with the market
    Get pissed at the competition
    Lose market share

    They were so focused on handheld “consoles” that they missed the mobile train.

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