Catching up

I meant to write a post last night and catch everyone up to the fact the our son BunBun has started school.  His first day was yesterday (Wednesday the 10th) and he did wonderfully.  He came back to mama just once, then on the second goodbye, he was just fine with it.  He made friends, played outside and had a wonderful time.

I’m very proud 🙂

Sorry I didn’t have a chance to catch you up to this fact.  We’ve been terribly busy at work as usual.

Oh… and about the iPhone, hell yeah it’s awesome.  I want one.  But I don’t want one bad enough to buy one right now.  1st generation product does not get my money!

Excited about Macworld

So tomorrow starts Macworld. I for one am extremely excited. I wish I had a shot at going this year – perhaps next year I can head out there.

I think there will be wonderful things coming out of Cupertino. Can hardly wait 🙂

Work, work. Hallo. Okay.

So, Aquatix pointed out (correctly) that the coffee-n-cream theme didn’t have a login button. File that one under WTF.

Part of the reason I keep changing these themes is because I keep finding little items missing. While I like Sapphire significantly, it takes out the blogroll. That sucks because I really want you to visit my friends and I find it pretty important to link to them. File that under Suck.

Besides, the coffee-n-cream theme had a background that looked like corduroy pants. Lame.

On to the spoils of the day. Taitai ran out with Nana to shop all over town today and blew some cash. Good for her – it’s good for her to get out every now and then. BunBun and I stayed home and horsed around most of the day. I even got him down for a nap, which was quite a victory if I do say so myself. I was concerned that the nap just wasn’t going to happen since mommy wasn’t there with him – but the sleep fairies came and sang him away to sleep.

Then I had to head off to the data center to do some work on a server. When I arrived, several things had gotten messed up in the paperwork, so I got to spend the first hour or so refiling it. Why an hour? Well, some idiot decided to dink with the wireless and I couldn’t pick up jack from a DHCP server. File that under Irk.

Work done, but I got home later than I wanted. Now BunBun’s already in bed. It’s okie though. Time to relax. I still did more work. I shouldn’t be though. I need to stop and relax. Get my mind off of things.

Oh yeah, and I need to answer some home email. Bigtime. Tomorrow we’re going to go do Christmas with the other set of parents who were out of town during the holiday. That has nothing to do with the fact that I need to answer email, so that should have been a new paragraph. I need to practice my writing skills. They apparently suck again. File that under Dammit.

Vista is still not an option

Had a further little email chat with Jennifer about Vista’s licensing.  She pointed out this article on ZDNet, so I wanted to make sure I bring it to everyone’s attention.

It’s clear to both of us in our discussion, however… that these modifications just aren’t good enough.  It doesn’t solve the “ick” factor of knowing that Microsoft is watching how you compute – every day, every night, every boot.  To me, that makes it the ultimate deal killer.  The general distrust is the nail in the coffin.

I don’t think anyone here would disagree when I say that in the past, Windows experience has been “bought and paid for” through some… uhm… not necessarily proper copies of Windows and Microsoft software.  We all know that.  Microsoft knows that.  What Microsoft apparently doesn’t know is that there are large contingencies of IT workers out there that cannot afford their crack legitimately, even when they need it to learn how to do their jobs.  In the small business world, you’re certainly not going to see Mr. Tightwad tossing copies of Vista at his IT workers, begging them to install it at home and learn how to use it (which… if you think that an education on ANY new Microsoft product relies on the classroom or a Boot Camp, you should be fucking shot).

If Microsoft thinks that masses of IT workers are going to be able to shell out the actual big bucks that it takes to run legitimate copies of Office 2007 and Vista at home to learn how to do their jobs… they’re sorely mistaken.  Microsoft… bad call.  It’ll bite you in the long run.  You’ll see people diving off to Linux or Macs.  Yeah, Macs are expensive… but hey, it’s all about the hardware and software engineering and how it works together for a good experience.  That’s worth a little extra money to me.

Besides – by the time I build a PC that can run Vista well, I’ll have spent the same amount of money anyway – just to get Microsoft breathing down my neck to make sure I’m legit.  What-tha-fark-evah.  Not on my home machines, guys.

Vista is not an option

Here’s a good article on the Inquirer about why Microsoft Vista is not an option for at least 1 tech worker.

I’d imagine others are coming to the same realization. I already did several months ago.

Obligatory New Year’s post

Well, tonight is another night for that New Year’s thing. First off, let me say… Happy 2007!

Today we ate/socialized with Whitey and Vo0 at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Providence. Funtastic time! Thanks for the Christmas gift, guys! I can hardly wait to play it! I’m glad you guys are back in town and enjoying it so far. This town has become so much more interesting lately – and it’s only getting better. Besides, you’re just keeping with the trend of everyone moving away… then coming back… heh.
2006 was a stellar year for me and my family career-wise. It’s been fast-moving, crazy, full of advancement and excitement. The downside? I’ve worked far too hard. Probably my New Year’s resolution would be to stop working so much and do other things like… spend more time with my son and daughter… read books more often… write more often… exercise more often… do all of those things to better my personality. I’ve spent a lot of time bettering my career. It’s time to stop and better my personal life for a year.

I’ve planned several adjustments at the workplace to help that out. It starts with moving my office to a new location – one that can afford me some time away from the operations side of things. I know myself – if I’m near it, I won’t keep my hands off of it. I need to stay hands off. I need to be doing Powerpoint charts, Visio drawings, etc.

At home, I need to be learning more about Linux, PHP/MySQL, learning Chinese, buying Macs, reading and writing, photographing, videoing and creating. I want this to be the year I regress back to my artistic side.

Lastly (and this is where I need your help, Jennifer and everyone else)… I need to be exercising. Vo0 has lost 55 pounds or so… I should be able to do so too.

Let’s have a great year!

Merry Christmas, ya pirate (from MSFT)

So on Christmas Eve, Buckshot calls me and says his Windows is calling him out for being a pirate.

It seems that a few days after arriving home from Florida, his computer decided he was running a pirated copy of Windows XP, thanks to Windows Genuine “Advantage.”  The “Advantage” utility had decided that because he left the regional settings set to the eastern time zone, but had modified his clock by hand to the correct time, that he was a pirate.

Yep, it’s a known issue… if your computer’s time settings are off, Microsoft thinks you’re a pirate.

Now Buckshot is using words like, “Fuck Microsoft” and “They can screw off and die” to describe how he feels about Microsoft’s mistake.  I feel the same way.  The mistake even gave Taitai the willies – so much so that I’ve proudly stood up in front of all of them and declared, “That’s why this family is going Mac!”

Microsoft, you’ve made some fatal mistakes in 2006.  Purely fatal.  If you can give my Microsoft-loving family the feeling of malcontent, you’re in for a big problem.

Linux badass

You know you’re a Linux badass when you’ve got everything working… and I mean everything:

  • Printing works with cups over USB, shared to another Windows desktop with IPP
  • VPN server works with PPTPD
  • LDAP
  • Webalizer
  • Postfix/SpamAssassin/Courier/ClamAV/AmavisD-New
  • Squid
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • Dynamic DNS registration for said DHCP/DNS
  • Shares with Windows and Linux machines alike
  • Backup jobs
  • Mailman lists
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • DVD playback
  • DVD record
  • CD record
  • DVD ripping (har!)
  • Music playback of entire 9.4gb library
  • Rich-media plugins for web browsers

It’s all working.  The only thing that doesn’t work… and it’s because I’ve purposefully not put any effort into it… is my TV card.  That TV card is going to end up in a MythTV box somewhere.  Just because.

Deprecating webdav

Aquatix was asking on a post or two ago about, “How is deprecating webdav a good thing?”

The problem with webdav is that while webdav is meant to be a standard, I’ve rarely met a client that handled it properly.  I would also point out that some of these problems were not implementations with the client, but implementations with the server side and the relation to the client.

The new model in Exchange 2007 is to deprecate webdav support in favor of web services (via SOAL/XML, etc.).  This is a boon for clients because it uses a standardized model to feed data and the response is just XML.  How badly can a client screw that up?  That means the server-side is no longer an equation in poor Exchange support.

Exchange 2007 web services – Evolution, anyone?

I hope the Evolution developers are sitting up and paying attention to Exchange 2007.  Exchange 2007 is intended to be a bridge toward a web services model for communicating with the server for all functions external to the system.  WebDAV is deprecated.  I’ve seen it, it’s true, it’s exciting, and it’s a boon for Evolution and other webDAV clients that currently suck.

One blogger talks about it here.