Maybe I just didn’t pay attention

I’m going to have to agree with Herman on tonight’s Lost. It just wasn’t all there. I’m not sure – maybe I just wasn’t paying the right amount of attention. Maybe I just wasn’t “in” to it tonight. I don’t know. I like to think that it’s rare that they produce a weak episode, but it seems like they actually did this time. It was disjointed. It had bad edits. It was a little too elusive and symbolic. For a show that billed itself as revealing three of the greatest mysteries of the show… it just didn’t deliver.

Maybe I need to go read the forums and find out what I missed.

I’ve caught up on a lot of things with work and whatnot, so maybe I should go to bed at a decent hour tonight.

This morning, we had a doctor’s appointment for Kiddo. Kiddo’s had a little issue that had us all a little scared for a while, but as it turns out, things are just fine. We’re quite relieved it wasn’t anything very serious.

The Blogosphere realized

Today I became quite fascinated by the Twingley Blogosphere Screensaver (I lost the link and I’m too lazy to go look it up – Google it, gang).  The Twingley Blogosphere Screensaver gives you that spooky feeling you used to get when you first hooked up a Hayes 300 baud Smartmodem to jack into the rest of the planet.  It’s that feeling where the entire world was at your fingertips.

Tonight I’ve been listening to Macbreak Weekly and watching the screensaver roll.  Interestingly enough, now that it’s nighttime in the states, you can see the activity blooming like mad.  It’s beautiful to watch… and if you were able to watch the waves from space, I’d imagine it would look something like that.

I highly recommend it.  It’s in beta, so it might crash.  It crashed on me once.  I’m fine with that.

In other news, we went out and spent money today.  Lots of fun.  Ate at Carrabba’s… just okie, nothing to fight for a table over.

Lost and yours to find

So Lost re-premiered tonight with quite a bang. There was a guy on a table with an open back… who woke up during surgery and was conscious enough to still play the Others game of dirty pool. There was a gunfight/footrace through the jungle. There was brainwashing. There was a boat. There was love and loss. It had it all. Welcome back to Lost, the best show ever written for TV. I’m glad you’re back.

Now then… I know I’ve been away for a bit, but quite honestly I’ve been avoiding the computers like they are carrying a disease. I’ve been trying to slow down – and succeeding for the most part. But I feel a change coming.

Now… sit down. Especially if you’ve known me for a long time. Sit down. Really. Get ready for this.

I want to sell all of my PC games.

That’s right – I want to get rid of all of them. I no longer have interest in maintaining a Windows partition even for games anymore. My Windows XP install is acting wonky again… the games keep crashing with an obvious hardware or driver issue, but I don’t have the time, money or energy to give a fuck about fixing it just to play games. Besides, I should be spending time with my wife and son… or writing… or creating… or working. Playing games has dulled my sharp brain into a blunt instrument. I need to stop fucking off with that shit and get back into my real life.

When my son grows up, I can buy an Wii and play with him. Or I can do him a favor and keep him as far away from a computer as fucking possible.


I hope you were sitting down.

Music Rennaissance

One of the neat things about this 80gb iPod that TaiTai got me for Christmas is… well, the ability to pull down almost my entire library of music.

This has led to a re-enjoying of music that I haven’t listed to in about 20 years.  Great stuff.

Today’s selection… Throwing Muses/Red Heaven.  Long time, no listen.

I’m on the way home, btw.  I’m sitting at DCA, blowing time before jumping on the plane.  Lovin it.

Zhang Ziyi does not like fat, balding, married men

Apparently my dreams are shattered.  Zhang Ziyi isn’t into fat, balding, married men after all.

I cry now.

Ubuntu Studio

In other news, this is just what the doctor ordered to give Linux a swift kick in the arse.

Lost in Virginia

It’s funny to know that for the first time in my life, I’m setting foot in a state that I’ve often written stories about.

Tonight I arrived in the D.C./northern Virginia area.  My hotel is in Alexandria, VA, so I had to jump on the Metro and ride out to there.  Unfortunately, I missed my stop and had to turn around and come back up one station.

Then comes the walk.  The hotel was actually two blocks away from the Metro station, but I accidentally took a wrong turn and walked about 7 blocks in the wrong direction.  Let me tell you – making a walk in the wrong direction in 30’F weather with a brisk wind SUCKS.

Anyway, I finally made it here.  I treated myself to a nice dinner that included a filet mignon and a nice chianti (cue Hopkins).  I’m topping the night off by listening to Azam Ali and thinking of heading to bed.

There’s a lot of hubbub on the net and whatnot about muslims protesting 24 and how they are portrayed.  A good chunk of the cast is on Larry King right now, talking about that very thing.  (weird how keifer sutherland sounds like azam ali).

I’m sorry to say I’ve never sat through a single episode of 24.  (Insert lamblasting from Keith here).  I’m thinking I need to buy it and watch it someday.  I will.  I promise.

Excellent musical find

File this one under “funky, extremely sexy song that doesn’t last far long enough”… “Love Set me Free” by Roberto Sol.  Find it.  Buy it.  Hot.  The kind of stuff to make love to.  Yum.

Good movie news to start the new year

Everyone knew it was sorta in work, but CNN starts the new year off right by proclaiming that Indiana Jones 4 is scheduled to start filming in 2007… for real!

Only a day into the new year and I’m already looking forward to 2008. I can hardly wait to see what other news comes out of this… and the people who try to sneak onto the set, steal script details, etc… har har… can’t wait!

What am I up to today? Well, despite the fact that it’s a holiday, I need to work on a Powerpoint for a little while today. I may be training some helpdesk folks on the mail system tomorrow. It’s a federal holiday and work is generally closed, but the helpdesk still has to work. I offered to come and work with them tomorrow on a training session if call volume is light. We’ll see how that shakes out!

Obligatory New Year’s post

Well, tonight is another night for that New Year’s thing. First off, let me say… Happy 2007!

Today we ate/socialized with Whitey and Vo0 at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Providence. Funtastic time! Thanks for the Christmas gift, guys! I can hardly wait to play it! I’m glad you guys are back in town and enjoying it so far. This town has become so much more interesting lately – and it’s only getting better. Besides, you’re just keeping with the trend of everyone moving away… then coming back… heh.
2006 was a stellar year for me and my family career-wise. It’s been fast-moving, crazy, full of advancement and excitement. The downside? I’ve worked far too hard. Probably my New Year’s resolution would be to stop working so much and do other things like… spend more time with my son and daughter… read books more often… write more often… exercise more often… do all of those things to better my personality. I’ve spent a lot of time bettering my career. It’s time to stop and better my personal life for a year.

I’ve planned several adjustments at the workplace to help that out. It starts with moving my office to a new location – one that can afford me some time away from the operations side of things. I know myself – if I’m near it, I won’t keep my hands off of it. I need to stay hands off. I need to be doing Powerpoint charts, Visio drawings, etc.

At home, I need to be learning more about Linux, PHP/MySQL, learning Chinese, buying Macs, reading and writing, photographing, videoing and creating. I want this to be the year I regress back to my artistic side.

Lastly (and this is where I need your help, Jennifer and everyone else)… I need to be exercising. Vo0 has lost 55 pounds or so… I should be able to do so too.

Let’s have a great year!