It’s in the Cooker

This new thing I’ve been cooking up here lately is starting to get some “rah rah!” momentum, methinks. I had a nice three hour meeting with an old coworker from the station who, after talking through all of the ideas, seems very much behind it. Earlier today I had an awesome meal with Vo0 and Whitey the Yak Shaver, there were some funny ideas brewing behind that one as well.

I can feel it coming on – a way to reunite old friends and help tap all of their talents. I hope I can put all of this project management experience I’ve gained over the past few years to work in a different vein.

There are many of you out there who know of what I speak. I’m getting jazzed about this – I hope you are too.

Back to Cali

Up early for another one of those first-planes-to-Atlanta things so I can head west for the week.  This trip includes a visit with Apple, so I’m excited.  Also, plenty of chances to see Creth and company, mucho happy about that as well.

Back from the desert

I’ve gotten through the long, arduous trip from LAX to my home town. This day has been pretty much a flash before my eyes – not entirely sure I remember much of it, but here’s what I do remember about the trip:

  • I got to climb around inside a B52 bomber. What a sardine can!
  • I got to see SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy) – which is basically a 747 with the aft end cut out so it can open up at 45,000 feet and view the heavens with an infared telescope. Cool stuff. We not only got to see SOFIA fly in to Dryden with fighter escorts, we got to go on board and take a tour and meet the crew.
  • I got to see F-18’s!
  • I got to see chaser aircraft for the space shuttle!
  • I got to land an F-18 in the simulator… oh yeah, and I flew it around a while too. Neat stuff.

Next list… of other activities:

  • Got to eat at a wonderful place on Manhattan Beach by the name of Cafe Pierre… ate a silky smooth filet mignon and drank far too much.
  • Was hung over on morning telecon from the Hilton LAX.
  • Goddess bless my GPS for saving my bacon – it found the Avis rental car return!
  • The TSA agents at LAX are far, far too concerned with the “not my job” concept and going on break than serving customers. I waited in line for my baggage to get checked in while the agents squabbled about who was relieving someone so he could go on break. The agent’s name is Art. Art, thank you for wasting 45 minutes of my precious fucking time so I barely made it to my flight. I hope your break was useless.
  • Other elements of LAX are a nightmare as well. I’ve flown into it once… never again if I can help it. If I go back to DFRC, I will fly into Bakersfield!
  • Rebecca, who works on the NWA ground crew at my local airport, was there on the jet bridge for my aircraft when we unloaded. I said hi to her, we spoke briefly. She said her mom had been thinking about me. Weird. Not sure why on that one.
  • I didn’t get to listen to many podcasts because we were so busy – but this week’s TWiT and Macbreak Weekly were hilarious as usual… but the Scott Bourne/Merlin Mann rivalry just started getting nasty this week.

Okie, that’s a brain dump of the trip… woo! Home for a week, then it’s back off to California for WWDC. Now THAT one will be fun!

How Blogs Translate

You may not realize it, but there’s this blog post out there that is emphatically talking about something I expressed at dinner a few weeks ago. The author of this blog was present at the dinner, so this blogger is talking about a discussion subject that I indeed brought up.

Point taken.

I can understand how easy it is to get things mixed up in translation, but it really brings to light an interesting concept about communication via blogs. While it’s quite evident that Vo0 and Whitey have a fountain of everlasting love for the dog, the blog posts did not entirely express this love in a way that drove the point home. I’ve been known to harp on the negative, but the feeling I got from reading the blog posts was that said dog was indeed a hellspawn and I chose to think of him as such.

After hearing the quite vigorous defense of the animal over a fine Japanese dinner, I realize that my interpretation of the blog posts was quite incorrect. However, it does bring to light how intention to communicate can sometimes travel an incorrect path. I think it poses an interesting issue for our life and times – to think that most of us rely heavily upon the typed word to express our feelings now. We’re developing our own lingo and thought processes around this whole unique method of communication – and this is one time of many, I’m sure, that the intention was lost in translation.

Interesting… quite interesting. I hope people are paying attention to this, as it could continue to turn into a real problem.

(no vo0, i’m being general here now… not talking about you)

Glad to see you made it, Sandon

I went to school with this guy.

We were in the same drama class.

Here’s to you, Sandon, for keeping the dream alive and sticking with it until you got there.

Why I don’t bother to Twitter

There’s all this hullaballoo about Twitter and the twittering and yadda yadda. It’s another company that has taken an amazingly simple idea that apparently quenches an odd thirst to be social.

Why do you think I call it odd? More on that later.

I do not find myself attracted to using Twitter. Occasionally I’ll find myself posting something in the little note areas of any messaging program I use to accomplish the same functionality and… hey, what do you know, my friends can see that message. I know, I know. Twitter makes it easy to change that message from my cell phone or a kiosk or… whatever… but… who cares? If you want to know what I’m doing, call me up… email me… or find some way to contact me using the pigeon RFC, whatever – and hook up with me for some lunch. I’ll tell you what I’m up to. Come by my office, knock on my door.

I won’t go so far as to think that I am qualified to judge this company’s fate. I won’t proclaim that they have 15 minutes of fame and the first 10 are already gone. I won’t say anything of that nature because… quite frankly… that means I have given it some thought and I just… don’t care. Even more annoying are the people out there willing to throw cash at these people for something that is likely to be a passing fad. Sooner or later, people are going to wake up and go outside… no… wait… go to lunch… er, no, more likely, just go to the next budding darling of social sites.

Seriously, I don’t get the point.

Back to the odd.

I find it odd that humans purposefully disconnect themselves from one another in order to… uhh… reconnect through something like Twitter.


Catching up with old friends

There’s an old friend of mine from high school that maintains a pretty high traffic site (linkage not really needed, but I’ll give it to him anyway:  He’s turned it into a site that watches/comments on pop culture.

This friend was in theatre with us… and quite good… it’s rather eerie to hear his voice and know his personality hasn’t changed much.  Good stuff.

Ubuntu dishes destruction again

So, just as soon as I spread my wings on Ubuntu one more time, it smacks me down like the bitch I am. For some odd reason, directories just began to disappear from the disks. Disappear! Can you believe that? I first noticed it when network mounts weren’t coming back and there were long, odd pauses on the desktop when it loaded.

Back to Windows again. Sigh.

I had a problem in Windows over the past two months – it was a problem so annoying that it drove me to try Ubuntu again. I had a problem where everytime the computer toked on the hard disks or the network, it would pause. The mouse would stop moving – just enough to annoy. On first glance, it’s easy to think… okie… my hard drives are messed up (especially after what Ubuntu did!) – but then, I rolled back to some ancient revisions of the SATA driver and the problem went away. We’re talking… ancient as in 2005.

Good thing I’m not trying to run Vista on this thing – those newer drivers would be required and I’d be in a world of hurt.

In other news, it’s cold – damn cold in our house.

We had a lovely dinner at Mikawa – a local Japanese joint that has quickly become one of our favorites. It was quite packed tonight, but they managed to find a table for us. The service was a bit slower than usual, but that’s because they really were pretty swamped and they do not have a huge wait staff. The wait was worth it – the food delivered was hot, steaming, tasty and lucious as always. Our son became quite the ham with other folks enjoying their Valentine’s Day. He was waving at everyone and everything.

I’ve wished a happy Valentine’s Day to my Taitai, BunBun and Kiddo – now I need to wish a Happy V-Day to all of my girlfriends out there: Morticia, ShinyHappyJen, Miss J, Jenny, Rosie, Vo0, Beth, Gingerr… and shit… since I’m naming names, hope I didn’t forget any. Love you all! Kisses.

Work, work. Hallo. Okay.

So, Aquatix pointed out (correctly) that the coffee-n-cream theme didn’t have a login button. File that one under WTF.

Part of the reason I keep changing these themes is because I keep finding little items missing. While I like Sapphire significantly, it takes out the blogroll. That sucks because I really want you to visit my friends and I find it pretty important to link to them. File that under Suck.

Besides, the coffee-n-cream theme had a background that looked like corduroy pants. Lame.

On to the spoils of the day. Taitai ran out with Nana to shop all over town today and blew some cash. Good for her – it’s good for her to get out every now and then. BunBun and I stayed home and horsed around most of the day. I even got him down for a nap, which was quite a victory if I do say so myself. I was concerned that the nap just wasn’t going to happen since mommy wasn’t there with him – but the sleep fairies came and sang him away to sleep.

Then I had to head off to the data center to do some work on a server. When I arrived, several things had gotten messed up in the paperwork, so I got to spend the first hour or so refiling it. Why an hour? Well, some idiot decided to dink with the wireless and I couldn’t pick up jack from a DHCP server. File that under Irk.

Work done, but I got home later than I wanted. Now BunBun’s already in bed. It’s okie though. Time to relax. I still did more work. I shouldn’t be though. I need to stop and relax. Get my mind off of things.

Oh yeah, and I need to answer some home email. Bigtime. Tomorrow we’re going to go do Christmas with the other set of parents who were out of town during the holiday. That has nothing to do with the fact that I need to answer email, so that should have been a new paragraph. I need to practice my writing skills. They apparently suck again. File that under Dammit.

Obligatory New Year’s post

Well, tonight is another night for that New Year’s thing. First off, let me say… Happy 2007!

Today we ate/socialized with Whitey and Vo0 at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Providence. Funtastic time! Thanks for the Christmas gift, guys! I can hardly wait to play it! I’m glad you guys are back in town and enjoying it so far. This town has become so much more interesting lately – and it’s only getting better. Besides, you’re just keeping with the trend of everyone moving away… then coming back… heh.
2006 was a stellar year for me and my family career-wise. It’s been fast-moving, crazy, full of advancement and excitement. The downside? I’ve worked far too hard. Probably my New Year’s resolution would be to stop working so much and do other things like… spend more time with my son and daughter… read books more often… write more often… exercise more often… do all of those things to better my personality. I’ve spent a lot of time bettering my career. It’s time to stop and better my personal life for a year.

I’ve planned several adjustments at the workplace to help that out. It starts with moving my office to a new location – one that can afford me some time away from the operations side of things. I know myself – if I’m near it, I won’t keep my hands off of it. I need to stay hands off. I need to be doing Powerpoint charts, Visio drawings, etc.

At home, I need to be learning more about Linux, PHP/MySQL, learning Chinese, buying Macs, reading and writing, photographing, videoing and creating. I want this to be the year I regress back to my artistic side.

Lastly (and this is where I need your help, Jennifer and everyone else)… I need to be exercising. Vo0 has lost 55 pounds or so… I should be able to do so too.

Let’s have a great year!