Communism on MacBreak Weekly

This morning on the way in to work, I was listening to the MacBreak Weekly episode 283 entitled, “Author, Author.”

I had always suspected Leo Laporte was smoking crack. Now there is no doubt. I don’t know if I can ever listen to him again. Maybe if I take a little break I will be able to circle back around to it.

In other news, I declared podcast bankruptcy and erased about 7gb of podcasts I will not have time to consume.

Bah, I hate it when people use the word “consume” like I just did.


I’m okie with the idea of sequels if the story arc is longer than a single story (a la Harry Potter) from the very beginning. But why does the movie industry insist on cramming more sequels down our throats when they could move on to other stories?

This is a trend that should end.

One can only wish, right?

Yammer’s Bad Form

Have you heard of Yammer? If not, you will.

You will likely hear about Yammer after your corporation or business signs a deal with them. Your users will start to flock toward the service and sign up. Lo and behold you will discover that they will be offered a piece of software to install. During the software install they will have the option to invite other users in your organization.

It appears this feature enjoys crawling through your local address book or global address list to invite folks. If you’re in a large organization with thousands of employees, congratulations! You now have a spam attack.

Yammer needs to fix this. Other social startups need to learn from this. Because of this, I’m actively staying away from Yammer, even though my large business is asking us to use it. Screw that. I have work to do.

AOL Teeters on Doom

I ran across this article this morning. It shouldn’t surprise anyone… well, with the exception of the people that are getting scammed.

My favorite part of the article is the comments. Someone claims in the article that AOL invented email and uses that to defend paying them a monthly fee. Hilarious.

Dope-smoking hippy parents put everyone at risk for disease

It seems some parents out there are coming out against immunization for their children.  MSNBC has the story.

This is just fracking brilliant.  Now you’re going to let your child be put as risk for these killer diseases and expose the live bacteria to my children just because you’re some stupid-ass hippy parent who wants to be all New Age and shit?  Get a brain.  Why do you think we almost eradicated these diseases?  When was the last time you knew any children that died from these diseases?  Can’t put up with a little prick to the arm?  Grow up and get responsible, dumbasses.

I cannot fathom for an instant why parents would put their children at risk like this.  I hope when the children grow up they thank you for your negligence.  I’ll leave it up to you to determine how.

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Flash: America too Immature to Deal with a Black President

Today I ran across this post on CNN:

McLaughlin takes heat for ‘Oreo’ comment

Add this to the mounting evidence that even America’s own blacks can’t entirely stand the thought of Obama leading this nation; even they get racial (see the Rev. Jesse James’ off-the-cuff remarks when he thought he was muted).

It seems like ever since Mrs. Clinton dropped out of the presidential bid, the racial claws have come out from every corner. It’s like someone turned a spotlight on Obama and shouted, “OH MY GOD HE’S FUCKING BLACK! WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?!?”

Yeah. What do you do now? You ELECT HIM and treat him like a human being, you idiots! Why is his race even being discussed!?

I’ll tell you why. Because we’re still far too immature to accept the idea that someone other than an old white guy wearing a suit and tie can lead this country. Sad. He’s a human being and part of the human race. Who cares what the color of his skin is?

Grow up, you bunch of fucking tards.

Remove link grants license to send spam

While perusing through my Junk E-Mail folder this morning, I noticed an interesting-looking spammy item that invited me to an extras casting call.

Well, that wasn’t the interesting part. The really interesting part was that there was a privacy policy and license attached to the email. The policy/license stated that by clicking the remove email link, I was granting the spammer to send me more spam. At least they’re honest.


Here’s a paste of the policy:

Privacy Policy – Terms and Conditions of this Email:
This notice outlines the privacy policies associated with his Email. By clicking any image and/or text link in this Email (excluding the removal link), you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy. As such, you are representing that you have the authority and are authorizing and/or any of its business associates to contact you via email, postal mail, or telephonically with information stored in the database.
Changes to the Privacy Policy:
We reserve the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time. We encourage you to check the Privacy Policy in each new email sent to you regularly. Your continued use of our email service following any changes to this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such changes. This privacy policy was last amended on October 9th, 2006.
Personal Information and IP Address:
Each time you view and/or click any image or text link in a sponsored email, our web server automatically recognizes your IP address and contact information. Your IP address is used to help us identify and gather broad demographic information about you. We also use your IP address and contact information to help diagnose problems with our servers, pre-populate administered Web Sites, and to better serve you in using the features associated with our email service.
View Complete Policy Here.
Contacting Us About Privacy Questions Or Concerns:
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please email us at privacy(at), or by sending a letter to:
Privacy, 2526 1st Street , Santa Monica, CA, 90405

Real Life Slapstick

So there’s the situation that developed last night that I just have to laugh about. It’s one of those things I usually think happens to just me… some real life slapstick. The setup was perfect, the execution was perfect, the timing was perfect – it really was something out of The Money Pit.

So my son declares it’s time for him to pee pee. All the signs are there – he’s dancing the dance and gripping the appropriate place. I wasn’t in a position to immediately help him and neither was Taitai. No problem, we have taken the childproof door knob off just for a situation like this. We encouraged him to go.

His mind lights up and starts to function with wild fantasies about what to do next. He’s holding a Wii controller, so he starts to run for the bathroom – then realizes he still has the Wiimote. He runs back to drop it off, then turns to head back. Something else makes him turn around (I forget which), so he loses another trip attempt.

On the third run down the hall, he finally goes for it. Right as he turns the corner to the bathroom to open the potty and go, his muscles just let go. The poor boy stands there and realizes he didn’t make it. The look on his face is terribly sad as the yellow liquid forms around his feet and flows slowly onto the bedroom hardwood floor.

“Great,” I think… but I can deal with this. I had followed him in there since I freed up my own schedule to help him before Taitai could – besides, interrupting a master baker at a time like this will either burn the house down or result in some really awful bread. I start to unravel some toilet paper to dab up the accident. The little boy took off his pants and immediately declared he must have a shower. “Yeah, I would probably want one too,” I thought aloud.

It took quite a bit of toilet paper to mop up the accident. As I continued to mop, I tossed them into the toilet nearby. What I didn’t realize is that an unacceptable amount of it was building up there and… well, the toilet was getting pretty pissed (pun intended).

I took the kidlet off to the other bathroom to begin his bubble bath. On the way out, I flush the toilet with the toilet paper and walk out of the room. Mind you, this toilet is that Bad Toilet in every household – the one that you have to jiggle the handle or it will run until the seventh seal is opened. Add that to the fact that it was quite upset about the load of toilet paper and you’ve got the start of a disaster.

I head to the other bathroom to run the bath for the little boy and start some bubbles. He’s really taken a fancy to bubble baths of late, so I’m sure that had something to do with his desire to clean up. (Cough). After letting the water run for a bit, I turned it off and watched him commence playtime.

But the water was still running.

(no that can’t be I turned it off)

…water continues to run…

(where is that sound coming from it sounds like maybe the shower is on in the other bathroom)

I waltzed down the hall calmly to the bathroom linked to the bedroom and discovered water flooding underneath our bed.


Only the Keystone Cops could have done a better short film on the cleanup. Taitai was running down the hall, thinking her son had fallen and hit his head. I was shrieking like a banshee, clearly quite panicked. What a scene it was, I’m sure.

It only happens to me, I swear to fucking God.

Hindsight that is never forgotten

I love the ‘net. Only on the net can you say things and expect them to haunt you months, or even years later. Hell, I may be eating crow in a matter of minutes for calling Mary Jo Foley an idiot for claiming Apple licensed Exchange ActiveSync – and I’ll be proud to do it.

Somehow though, I get the feeling that Steve Ballmer will not be so proud of this 2:20 clip when Friday rolls around.

I have to make a very clear observation at this point.

This is a man who is absolutely proud of the Motorola Q. He’s proud of how much it costs and even goes so far as to call it innovative. This was January of this year (2007, in case this blog is around that long). As a person who carries a Motorola Q every day but barely uses it…


Oh… my… God. Truly, this is a CEO out of touch with the world. Folks… run… run from Microsoft. They are killing you. You sad people pods are nothing but coccoons for your brains to swell up and burst from the terrible reality known as a Microsoft universe… those games that you so proud drown in… they are nothing but a hook sent there to make you swallow the wrong pill (sorry, I don’t remember the colors)… run… please run…

Back from the desert

I’ve gotten through the long, arduous trip from LAX to my home town. This day has been pretty much a flash before my eyes – not entirely sure I remember much of it, but here’s what I do remember about the trip:

  • I got to climb around inside a B52 bomber. What a sardine can!
  • I got to see SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy) – which is basically a 747 with the aft end cut out so it can open up at 45,000 feet and view the heavens with an infared telescope. Cool stuff. We not only got to see SOFIA fly in to Dryden with fighter escorts, we got to go on board and take a tour and meet the crew.
  • I got to see F-18’s!
  • I got to see chaser aircraft for the space shuttle!
  • I got to land an F-18 in the simulator… oh yeah, and I flew it around a while too. Neat stuff.

Next list… of other activities:

  • Got to eat at a wonderful place on Manhattan Beach by the name of Cafe Pierre… ate a silky smooth filet mignon and drank far too much.
  • Was hung over on morning telecon from the Hilton LAX.
  • Goddess bless my GPS for saving my bacon – it found the Avis rental car return!
  • The TSA agents at LAX are far, far too concerned with the “not my job” concept and going on break than serving customers. I waited in line for my baggage to get checked in while the agents squabbled about who was relieving someone so he could go on break. The agent’s name is Art. Art, thank you for wasting 45 minutes of my precious fucking time so I barely made it to my flight. I hope your break was useless.
  • Other elements of LAX are a nightmare as well. I’ve flown into it once… never again if I can help it. If I go back to DFRC, I will fly into Bakersfield!
  • Rebecca, who works on the NWA ground crew at my local airport, was there on the jet bridge for my aircraft when we unloaded. I said hi to her, we spoke briefly. She said her mom had been thinking about me. Weird. Not sure why on that one.
  • I didn’t get to listen to many podcasts because we were so busy – but this week’s TWiT and Macbreak Weekly were hilarious as usual… but the Scott Bourne/Merlin Mann rivalry just started getting nasty this week.

Okie, that’s a brain dump of the trip… woo! Home for a week, then it’s back off to California for WWDC. Now THAT one will be fun!