Deprecating webdav

Aquatix was asking on a post or two ago about, “How is deprecating webdav a good thing?”

The problem with webdav is that while webdav is meant to be a standard, I’ve rarely met a client that handled it properly.  I would also point out that some of these problems were not implementations with the client, but implementations with the server side and the relation to the client.

The new model in Exchange 2007 is to deprecate webdav support in favor of web services (via SOAL/XML, etc.).  This is a boon for clients because it uses a standardized model to feed data and the response is just XML.  How badly can a client screw that up?  That means the server-side is no longer an equation in poor Exchange support.

Exchange 2007 web services – Evolution, anyone?

I hope the Evolution developers are sitting up and paying attention to Exchange 2007.  Exchange 2007 is intended to be a bridge toward a web services model for communicating with the server for all functions external to the system.  WebDAV is deprecated.  I’ve seen it, it’s true, it’s exciting, and it’s a boon for Evolution and other webDAV clients that currently suck.

One blogger talks about it here.

Microsoft falling

(info: this post was started several days ago)

There’s so much more that can be said about Microsoft and the mistakes they are continuing to make. In my experience, product quality is going down… regression bugs are coming back into some products (Exchange 2003 and clustering!)… many enterprise products are a mishmash of spaghetti code… argh, it’s a tough time to be an enterprise admin with Microsoft products.

There’s been a renaissance of Linux here in my house, led by the Mac issue and Not Having Money.  I intend to replace all of the workstations with Macs, but in the meantime, I’ve dual-booted my system with Ubuntu Edgy and Windows.  Now here’s the kicker: I’ve not booted into Windows in about three weeks, maybe longer.  Taitai’s system is still on Windows because Linux is pretty rough around the edges, but she will be the first recipient of a new Mac when the first one is actually purchased.

On the server side, I’ve gotten rid of my lab Windows servers and converted everything to Linux.  It was a hairy migration project – I moved all websites (including this one) to Linux, all databases converted to MySQL, all pictures backed up, etc… then wiped out the box and put it on Dapper LTS Server.  Hoo, boy… does a dual-proc Athlon MP and 2gb of RAM run fast on the server.

So then I migrated everything back over to the new Linux box.  I learned a lot in the migration project and now have one seriously nice setup on the Dapper install.  The only thing I’ve not gotten around to is pptpd, but I intend to fix that one day soon.

Anyway, back to Microsoft.  I actually have zero interest in Vista – which means something has definitely bitten me in the rear in regards to them.  Vista finally feels to me what I hear a lot of complaining about: bloated, overbaked, complex, wasteful (new UI with too much rearranging again), sad use of hardware resources, insecure, incompatible and finally… distrustful.

Distrustful, did you say?

Why, yes I did.

The whole Windows Genuine Advantage thing was a real nail in the coffin for me.  Same goes for Office Genuine Advantage.  I understand that a company like Microsoft who makes a living on software as a base business is concerned about piracy and needs to consider ways to stop it, but this was just going too far.  I do not think that trying to do this in the “interest of security” was a good way to market it.  The end result of Microsoft’s play for WGA/OGA was that I felt like that just distrust me and my users.  Completely.  Regardless of how much is shelled out, the operating system must phone home every week, even if you’re a volume licensing enterprise customer.  Granted, you’re setting up the home that they are writing to, but still folks… bad call.

It leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.  It makes me feel like there’s someone waiting nearby to shackle me when… WHEN they feel there’s been some kind of violation… not if.

Take the Zune for instance.  Incompatible with that WMA library I had built up unless the whole damn thing gets DRM’d.  Come on – I wanted to avoid DRM.  Forget it.  Not interested.

Microsoft clearly distrusts their customer and is producing even buggier software than before.  No longer interested, am I… run away screaming to Apple, I shall.

Apparently, type like Yoda I will.

Taking care

Wow. 6:38am. I’m lucky I got up – I didn’t go to bed until about 1:20am this morning. 5 hours of sleep and the day looks to be long on scheduling. There are 9 meetings today, most of them back to back… and they walk all over my lunch hour. It’s going to be rough, keep me in your thoughts.

The subject of taking better care of yourself has come up again recently. Jennifer blogged about having headaches and the need to take better care of herself. I too need to do the same. I’ve said it countless times before (but you’ll have to rely on memory since I wiped all of that out in the old blog) – I need to slow down, stop working so much and try to keep my mind off of work all the time.

It’s proving to be a significant challenge since I just ended up with a new job title. The new job title places me in a different position that makes me naturally feel I have to step up my game, not slow down. That’s becoming a real problem and I know that within a few more days of pushing this hard it’s liable to catch up with me. I’ll probably snap and have to take the day off or something, even though I did just take the day off not too long ago. Actually, I took two days off. I tried to burn some holiday time. I failed – went over 40 hours anyway.

I don’t enjoy complaining about this and I just need to resolve to do better. If I don’t take care of myself, how am I going to take care of my job and my family? What an endless circle.

Jennifer is already making adjustments out there and I need to resolve to help her by gently prodding… same goes for here. People need to stay on top of me and keep me in line.

Hilarity abounds

Thanks to g1powermac I have discovered

They have the finest collection of IRC quotes ever.  NSFW mostly, but please do check it out when not being monitored.  I am crying with laughter.

Lights are up

The lights are up, but we still need more.  All in all, the display looks much more balanced this year than years past.  I also like the auto-timer we bought, since turning the lights on or off always seemed to be a chore.

Why is it that the littlest of chores seem to be the most painful?

Anyway, we’re gonna be out hitting the malls again today.  Too much to do, too little time.  Oh, and BunBun has a nasty-ass cold.  Poor little guy.  We’re doing what we can and he’s being a good sport about it, but I know it frustrates him.  At least now that he’s older, he deals with it well.

What do you do with a day off?

So what do you do with a day off when the system still manages to go down?

Well, you spend most of the day on the phone, honestly.  That gets old.  We had the day planned to spend running around town knocking out personal business that has been put aside for far too long.  It was little things like – setting up bank accounts, scoping out schools for BunBun, stuff like that.  But still, somehow… we end up on the phone together.

It’s like a second family we can’t get away from.

Here’s to hoping that bottle rocket gets launched tomorrow…

Nothing much else to say, really.  Oh, wait – yes, I do.  I actually helped someone with a GRUB/booting problem in #morphix tonight!  Now how awesome is that?  Maybe I can get AlexTreme to elect me to become a morphix MVP.  Har.

A Little Refresh

Community Server is tired and old. It’s clunky and bloated.

Not to start off all that negative or anything, but it was time for a change. Galaxycow will be evolving into something else. Sure, there’s still hosted blogs here and there will still be websites and the like – but it was time for something a little fresher.

I know, you’re probably wondering… okie… he’s using WordPress with the default skin and he’s complaining about not having something fresh? Bear with it folks, it’s a phased thing. All in good time.

Now is probably a good time to bring up the fact that I do not plan on porting over any of the content that was built up over the past 2… 2 1/2 years or so.  Not a bit.  Matter of fact, I’m afraid you’ll have to reregister to comment here – I’m not going to bother porting any of the data over a-tall.

This is a good move, really.

Looking forward to something new.