Let’s Try Again

My love affair with blogging has significantly diminished over the years, as I’m sure you can tell by the lack of activity on my blogs. WordPress was quite busy while I slept. They created and updated the Jetpack plugin and released a desktop editor that is actually quite nice. I like how it aggregates all of the useful features of any WordPress site that I run into a single window.

This is useful.

It just might bring me back.

2013 Goals

Here’s a few of my 2013 resolutions… er, goals, I mean.

  • Write more.
  • Laugh more.
  • Lose 45 more lbs. (and then I’m done) and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Earn a blue belt.
  • Share more.
  • Get back into photography and art.
  • See more shows.
  • Live more.
  • Write an iOS app.
  • Complete a book/story and publish it.
  • Learn more, especially around code.

Not too bad for goals, no?

What are yours?

The Big Three in Back to the Future Terms

It just occurred to me while I was visiting the Thinking Chamber earlier today:

If the big three tech companies were characters in Back to the Future, they would be…

Microsoft == Biff
Apple == Marty McFly
Google == Doc Brown