Here’s your Monday reminder that there is still…

Here’s your Monday reminder that there is still some seriously freaky shit out there.

Jersey Shore shark attacks that inspired Jaws

Jersey Shore shark attacks that inspired Jaws:

 Images Shark-Attack-1916-Jersey-2


On the Jersey Shore during the summer of 1916, four people were killed and one injured by what was likely a single great white shark. The attacks and panic that ensued in the seaside towns inspired Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws which, of course, Steven Spielberg brought to the big screen. Since then, great whites, whose populations have been dangerously declining, have sadly become icons of oceanic evil. Smithsonian magazine’s Megan Gambino conducted a fascinating interview with ichthyologist George Burgess about the Jersey Shark Attacks. Burgess is curator of the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History. When a shark attack occurs anywhere in the world, Burgess and his team are on the scene. From Smithsonian:

 Images Shark-Attack-1916-Jersey-1 In newspaper accounts of the 1916 attacks, the shark is referred to as a “sea monster” and a “sea wolf.”

Exactly. It is unfortunate when we still see remnants of that today. I’ll have a little game with you. You drink a beer every time you hear the expression “shark-infested waters.” See how drunk you get. Whenever a boat goes down or an airplane goes down, we hear that kind of thing. I correct folks all the time. Sharks don’t infest waters, they live in them. Lice infest; they are parasites. There is still bias in that sort of thought process today.

What drew the shark close to shore for the attacks?

One of the most popular theories was one that we hear today. That is, there is not enough fish for the sharks to eat, so therefore they are going to eat humans. The people who are most likely to say it today are sport fishermen, who aren’t catching the same amount or the same size fish that they once did. Back in 1916, it was commercial fishermen who were saying it. It’s not a real defensible argument.

There was a guy who wrote in to the editor of the New York Times saying that these sharks were following U-boats across from the Eastern Atlantic. It was almost an implication that it was a German plot. The world was at war in Europe and the anti-German sentiment was high. All kinds of strange things.

Although it is hard to go back in time and always dangerous to make analogies like this, it could have been a shark that was either injured or had some sort of deformity. It became a deranged killer.






The Shark Attacks That Were the Inspiration for Jaws


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Mother Earth’s Revenge

Not much to blog about today. It’s been a very busy day. Fortunately I was productive during most of that time despite spending so much of it on the phone. I did have to devote 2.5 hours of my home life to the day job this evening but I dulled that pain with wine.

I also mailed my resume off to someone who asked for it. That was nice. It’s always nice to be wanted.

Anyway, what did I want to share with you this evening? Oh, not much. Just this TOTALLY FREAKY SHIT:


Okie, what the HELL is that? This picture was supposedly caught by a hunter’s deer cam or something in December. It’s probably some viral marketing effort for a new scary movie or whatnot (or maybe a senator who just lost the election) but I’m telling you right now, this thing is going to give me nightmares. Read up about it here. If you can’t get enough of that freaky garbage from a single article look around on there and you’ll find more links talking about it.

Now I’m not one to sit back and do all kinds of conspiracy theories and stuff, but the whole animals-dropping-dead-for-no-reason and this relative to someone on Sand Mountain just doesn’t add up to me. 2011 is off to one seriously weird start.

We also can’t forget about the river turning bright nuclear green in Canada.

Just… wow.