A few random words

I’ve not had much in the way of time this month. I’ve not had much time to do much of anything productive, let alone write here. I’ve actually spent the few writing moments that I have had on some projects invisible to the casual Galaxycow reader. Perhaps, if luck shall have it, sometime next year you’ll see the fruits of that labor.

Aside from that, it’s all been about the day job and the kids at night. Christmas is a crazy time for us, especially now with three kids to feed. Not just that, but right out of the holidays we’re packing most of the family up and heading out to Macworld. I’ll probably have some pictures and blog my thoughts about Macworld, but by and large I’m sure you’ll stick to the sites with writers who are paid to cover it for you. I’m fine with that; I’m going to Macworld for work anyway. Who has time to do silly things like report on it?

I know most of the world has updated to WordPress 2.7. I thought about doing this tonight myself, but worried about theme incompatibilities and other fun issues, so I decided not to kick that off tonight. I’ll save it for another day or night when I’m just not so busy.

I fear that twitter is starting to take the place of this blog and that shouldn’t happen. (Woo, told you this was a random post). Twitter serves the need to offload quick nuggets of thought very quickly, rather than planting them here and letting it grow into a full-fledged fruit-bearing monstrosity. Not that the fruit here is very fresh or anything, but you see the analogy. It’s a little problematic, I suppose, because if I offload a thought, chances are I won’t remember it again. It’s kind of like those plays I did in school and all the way up to 1999 – once the play is over, the lines just eject themselves from my brain. Sad, but it seems my brain only has limited amounts of space and will clean house to make sure there’s room for other material.

Anyway, it’s late. We’ve been ripped off from getting snow again this season. Hope that doesn’t happen again. Now that I hear my iPhone making that oh-so-familiar “dong” sound of new mail on my work server, I should retire for bed.

I promise to write more. Really.

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The Blog Flock

Leo Laporte.Image via Wikipedia

I see it happen every day.  There’s a cast of characters out there – Leo Laporte, Chris Pirillo, Jason Calacanis, John Dvorak, Robert Scoble (whom I absolutely DESPISE because of that “I’m the man!” snapshot on his blog… makes me want to beat him with his fucking tripod)… a whole elite clique of cynical blog/journalists who bring up topics and lead folks around them.

The listeners (and I admit, I’m one of them) follow them from point A to point B every morning, midday and afternoon.  It can be a link they found, a story they found, what have you.  Now take these salt shakers and add the wire press (Reuters, Associated Press, etc.) and you have the flock.

I started thinking about this tonight while listening to John Dvorak’s Tech5 podcast.  One regular complaint of Mr. Dvorak is the redundancy in the news business today.  One story gets picked up by a wire service and it explodes all over the net with thousands of redundant postings.  Add the Cynic Clique into the mix and then you’ve grabbed their listeners to comment on the stories at whatever social network has the spotlight today.

Web 2.0 and social networking is likely to fail.  There is an enormous amount of time and originality being wasted here on a daily basis.  I’m starting to wonder when people move on.

I guess it should start with myself.

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