Pro Tip on Amazon Accounts

Pro Tip: Don’t use iCloud’s “Hide My Email” feature to create email addresses to use with Amazon accounts. They trip a security rule and AWS is straight up impossible to work with on resolving the situation. We’ve reached the point where it’s so hard to prove your identity and actual use of a product that it’s just not even worth the time.

Safari and Battery Impacts

I’ve noticed that my M1 Max Macbook Pro battery has been getting hammered lately, and I wasn’t entirely sure why. Activity Monitor was confirming some of my greatest fears: Safari was actually using significant energy. I didn’t know why. The lesson? Beware of new features.

Breaking Things Down

I find that one of the primary reasons I never finish any of my little one-off projects is because I have a complete inability to break things down into smaller chunks. I can see the end state, and I just want to skip forward to that.

Moving to Gitlab

We’re using Gitlab at work and it’s frankly more tuned for doing what you need in an enterprise setting. Github was a pain to manage at NASA, and I wouldn’t recommend it. To that end, I’ve started migrating my personal repositories over to so I can experiment, because that’s how I learn.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Sorry I’ve been so quiet.

Predicting the Big WWDC 2021 Announcement

Apple has a knack for building things under our noses over the course of years… actually, even decades. They’re really good at building onto their technology when it works. When it doesn’t work, they throw it out and start over, only to build it up in the way that matches their final vision. We saw this happen with the M1 chip. It took them more than a decade, but they finally cashed in on their vision. I think we’re about to see that happen again at WWDC 2021.

This Industry Is Exhausting

I don’t really understand how people stay in this industry their whole lives. It’s truly exhausting. Each day brings a whole new package manager, vulnerability, technology, emotional or religious attachment to some component or platform… it’s just exhausting. I don’t see how we’re ever going to get anywhere. I might need a vacation.

What Reviewers Get Very Wrong About Siri

Many years ago, I embarked on a home automation hobby that has drained my budget. Home automation is a horrifically expensive hobby (like most of them). There’s a lot of trial and error. You’ll almost always buy stuff that doesn’t work or integrate well. It’ll be expensive. You’ll want to replace it because it’s not perfect. I started off with the center of my universe on Amazon Alexa (like most people).

Safari Site Trackers

It’s interesting to me to see who’s doing the actual tracking. Thanks to Safari, it seems the worst violators in my bubble are… tech sites.