Taking care

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Wow. 6:38am. I’m lucky I got up – I didn’t go to bed until about 1:20am this morning. 5 hours of sleep and the day looks to be long on scheduling. There are 9 meetings today, most of them back to back… and they walk all over my lunch hour. It’s going to be rough, keep me in your thoughts.

The subject of taking better care of yourself has come up again recently. Jennifer blogged about having headaches and the need to take better care of herself. I too need to do the same. I’ve said it countless times before (but you’ll have to rely on memory since I wiped all of that out in the old blog) – I need to slow down, stop working so much and try to keep my mind off of work all the time.

It’s proving to be a significant challenge since I just ended up with a new job title. The new job title places me in a different position that makes me naturally feel I have to step up my game, not slow down. That’s becoming a real problem and I know that within a few more days of pushing this hard it’s liable to catch up with me. I’ll probably snap and have to take the day off or something, even though I did just take the day off not too long ago. Actually, I took two days off. I tried to burn some holiday time. I failed – went over 40 hours anyway.

I don’t enjoy complaining about this and I just need to resolve to do better. If I don’t take care of myself, how am I going to take care of my job and my family? What an endless circle.

Jennifer is already making adjustments out there and I need to resolve to help her by gently prodding… same goes for here. People need to stay on top of me and keep me in line.