Merry Christmas, ya pirate (from MSFT)

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So on Christmas Eve, Buckshot calls me and says his Windows is calling him out for being a pirate.

It seems that a few days after arriving home from Florida, his computer decided he was running a pirated copy of Windows XP, thanks to Windows Genuine “Advantage.”  The “Advantage” utility had decided that because he left the regional settings set to the eastern time zone, but had modified his clock by hand to the correct time, that he was a pirate.

Yep, it’s a known issue… if your computer’s time settings are off, Microsoft thinks you’re a pirate.

Now Buckshot is using words like, “Fuck Microsoft” and “They can screw off and die” to describe how he feels about Microsoft’s mistake.  I feel the same way.  The mistake even gave Taitai the willies – so much so that I’ve proudly stood up in front of all of them and declared, “That’s why this family is going Mac!”

Microsoft, you’ve made some fatal mistakes in 2006.  Purely fatal.  If you can give my Microsoft-loving family the feeling of malcontent, you’re in for a big problem.