Good movie news to start the new year

Everyone knew it was sorta in work, but CNN starts the new year off right by proclaiming that Indiana Jones 4 is scheduled to start filming in 2007… for real!

Only a day into the new year and I’m already looking forward to 2008. I can hardly wait to see what other news comes out of this… and the people who try to sneak onto the set, steal script details, etc… har har… can’t wait!

What am I up to today? Well, despite the fact that it’s a holiday, I need to work on a Powerpoint for a little while today. I may be training some helpdesk folks on the mail system tomorrow. It’s a federal holiday and work is generally closed, but the helpdesk still has to work. I offered to come and work with them tomorrow on a training session if call volume is light. We’ll see how that shakes out!