Welcome to your new office

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So for the first time in… uhh, years, I’m shacked up in four walls of my own choosing.  I chose this office purposefully because it was at the end of the hall – conspicuously away from the people who might seek me out.

Alright, I’ll cut the bullshit.  It was unoccupied when I came knocking.

I feel like I was able to focus much better today with less distractions, but that one major distraction… the telephone… is still there.  I also need to seriously consider discouraging people from sending me tons of IMs every day.  Not sure how to do that without being incredibly rude though.

But okie, so accidents happen when your space has changed, no?  After sitting somewhere for a long time, you have a spacial awareness of everything around you and can unconsciously dodge most hazards.  Welcome to the new office where everything is different.

While in the restroom today, I somehow managed to come out of a stall, turn on my left heel, and SLAM my right f’ing temple into a huge wooden shelf.  And I mean SLAM.  Words on a blog cannot convey how badly this hurt.  I saw stars.  I was dizzy.  I was immediately taken aback with such sudden violence that even at this current moment I’m aghast at how terrible it was.

Now, my right temple is swollen.  It still hurts.  I will arrive to work with a “Bruise Lee” as Taitai calls it… and people will ask.  Hope they don’t call OSHA.  Ow.