Work, work. Hallo. Okay.

So, Aquatix pointed out (correctly) that the coffee-n-cream theme didn’t have a login button. File that one under WTF.

Part of the reason I keep changing these themes is because I keep finding little items missing. While I like Sapphire significantly, it takes out the blogroll. That sucks because I really want you to visit my friends and I find it pretty important to link to them. File that under Suck.

Besides, the coffee-n-cream theme had a background that looked like corduroy pants. Lame.

On to the spoils of the day. Taitai ran out with Nana to shop all over town today and blew some cash. Good for her – it’s good for her to get out every now and then. BunBun and I stayed home and horsed around most of the day. I even got him down for a nap, which was quite a victory if I do say so myself. I was concerned that the nap just wasn’t going to happen since mommy wasn’t there with him – but the sleep fairies came and sang him away to sleep.

Then I had to head off to the data center to do some work on a server. When I arrived, several things had gotten messed up in the paperwork, so I got to spend the first hour or so refiling it. Why an hour? Well, some idiot decided to dink with the wireless and I couldn’t pick up jack from a DHCP server. File that under Irk.

Work done, but I got home later than I wanted. Now BunBun’s already in bed. It’s okie though. Time to relax. I still did more work. I shouldn’t be though. I need to stop and relax. Get my mind off of things.

Oh yeah, and I need to answer some home email. Bigtime. Tomorrow we’re going to go do Christmas with the other set of parents who were out of town during the holiday. That has nothing to do with the fact that I need to answer email, so that should have been a new paragraph. I need to practice my writing skills. They apparently suck again. File that under Dammit.