Lack of sleep sucks

Sorry I’ve been quiet the past few days.  I didn’t mean to be.  But I was.

The major project at work is jumping whole-body in tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s D-Day.  I’m not worried.  Not a bit.  That not-worrying is definitely not what kept me awake until 3am last night, especially since I wasn’t working on the migration at all.  Not a bit.  I also don’t believe in this much negativity.

Coming up this Saturday I have my first trip to D.C.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a hair nervous about it.  I’m not nervous about the city or anything – hell, if I can navigate Taipei, I can navigate a large American city.  No problem.  I guess I’m more nervous about making sure I’m fulfilling expectations.  I spend a lot of time wondering if I fulfill expectations.  This boils down to the even the tiniest of levels.  This weekend, for example, I finally told my wife…

“…alright, maybe it’s time to get some new clothes and dress better.”

I’m thinking it’s not all slummy t-shirts and jeans at HQ.  I’m thinking I probably need a little bit better image and first impressions are best, yadda yadda.  Don’t get me wrong – the people I work for know me very well and know how I dress/look.  It’s the other people around them that I’m worried about right now.

Bah.  I’m not worried.  Not a bit.

All you people out there that think I’m funny… bah!  Laugh it up, I know it’s all silly… especially for a 34-year-old.  I sound like a woman obsessing over a first date.