Lost in Virginia

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It’s funny to know that for the first time in my life, I’m setting foot in a state that I’ve often written stories about.

Tonight I arrived in the D.C./northern Virginia area.  My hotel is in Alexandria, VA, so I had to jump on the Metro and ride out to there.  Unfortunately, I missed my stop and had to turn around and come back up one station.

Then comes the walk.  The hotel was actually two blocks away from the Metro station, but I accidentally took a wrong turn and walked about 7 blocks in the wrong direction.  Let me tell you – making a walk in the wrong direction in 30’F weather with a brisk wind SUCKS.

Anyway, I finally made it here.  I treated myself to a nice dinner that included a filet mignon and a nice chianti (cue Hopkins).  I’m topping the night off by listening to Azam Ali and thinking of heading to bed.

There’s a lot of hubbub on the net and whatnot about muslims protesting 24 and how they are portrayed.  A good chunk of the cast is on Larry King right now, talking about that very thing.  (weird how keifer sutherland sounds like azam ali).

I’m sorry to say I’ve never sat through a single episode of 24.  (Insert lamblasting from Keith here).  I’m thinking I need to buy it and watch it someday.  I will.  I promise.