The Upgrade Version

So the negative spin last night and this morning on Vista is Microsoft’s decision to enforce the notion of the “upgrade version.”  You cannot install Windows Vista without Windows 2000 or XP already installed on the system.  This bucks the previous process of installing Windows from scratch, but proving you own the prior version by inserting the disc for verification.

I’m going to go on record as saying I don’t like this – not one damn bit, but I saw it coming.  Given the “smackdown” mentality Microsoft has gotten themselves into, this was just a natural evolution.  They’re merely enforcing what the license terms say should happen.  One item you might want to be aware of though – when reading the Vista EULA… once you install the Vista upgrade, the Vista rights/EULA completely supersedes all licensing agreements for the previous version.  This means you essentially lose your rights to even install the prior version of Windows ever again.

Hope that Vista upgrade goes well for you – because if your computer ganks up (which, it will), you’re breaking the law by reinstalling Windows XP to upgrade back to Vista.

I continue my march toward Apple… not with a wave, but with an extended finger.