Lost and yours to find

So Lost re-premiered tonight with quite a bang. There was a guy on a table with an open back… who woke up during surgery and was conscious enough to still play the Others game of dirty pool. There was a gunfight/footrace through the jungle. There was brainwashing. There was a boat. There was love and loss. It had it all. Welcome back to Lost, the best show ever written for TV. I’m glad you’re back.

Now then… I know I’ve been away for a bit, but quite honestly I’ve been avoiding the computers like they are carrying a disease. I’ve been trying to slow down – and succeeding for the most part. But I feel a change coming.

Now… sit down. Especially if you’ve known me for a long time. Sit down. Really. Get ready for this.

I want to sell all of my PC games.

That’s right – I want to get rid of all of them. I no longer have interest in maintaining a Windows partition even for games anymore. My Windows XP install is acting wonky again… the games keep crashing with an obvious hardware or driver issue, but I don’t have the time, money or energy to give a fuck about fixing it just to play games. Besides, I should be spending time with my wife and son… or writing… or creating… or working. Playing games has dulled my sharp brain into a blunt instrument. I need to stop fucking off with that shit and get back into my real life.

When my son grows up, I can buy an Wii and play with him. Or I can do him a favor and keep him as far away from a computer as fucking possible.


I hope you were sitting down.