Ubuntu dishes destruction again

So, just as soon as I spread my wings on Ubuntu one more time, it smacks me down like the bitch I am. For some odd reason, directories just began to disappear from the disks. Disappear! Can you believe that? I first noticed it when network mounts weren’t coming back and there were long, odd pauses on the desktop when it loaded.

Back to Windows again. Sigh.

I had a problem in Windows over the past two months – it was a problem so annoying that it drove me to try Ubuntu again. I had a problem where everytime the computer toked on the hard disks or the network, it would pause. The mouse would stop moving – just enough to annoy. On first glance, it’s easy to think… okie… my hard drives are messed up (especially after what Ubuntu did!) – but then, I rolled back to some ancient revisions of the SATA driver and the problem went away. We’re talking… ancient as in 2005.

Good thing I’m not trying to run Vista on this thing – those newer drivers would be required and I’d be in a world of hurt.

In other news, it’s cold – damn cold in our house.

We had a lovely dinner at Mikawa – a local Japanese joint that has quickly become one of our favorites. It was quite packed tonight, but they managed to find a table for us. The service was a bit slower than usual, but that’s because they really were pretty swamped and they do not have a huge wait staff. The wait was worth it – the food delivered was hot, steaming, tasty and lucious as always. Our son became quite the ham with other folks enjoying their Valentine’s Day. He was waving at everyone and everything.

I’ve wished a happy Valentine’s Day to my Taitai, BunBun and Kiddo – now I need to wish a Happy V-Day to all of my girlfriends out there: Morticia, ShinyHappyJen, Miss J, Jenny, Rosie, Vo0, Beth, Gingerr… and shit… since I’m naming names, hope I didn’t forget any. Love you all! Kisses.