The Blogosphere realized

Today I became quite fascinated by the Twingley Blogosphere Screensaver (I lost the link and I’m too lazy to go look it up – Google it, gang).  The Twingley Blogosphere Screensaver gives you that spooky feeling you used to get when you first hooked up a Hayes 300 baud Smartmodem to jack into the rest of the planet.  It’s that feeling where the entire world was at your fingertips.

Tonight I’ve been listening to Macbreak Weekly and watching the screensaver roll.  Interestingly enough, now that it’s nighttime in the states, you can see the activity blooming like mad.  It’s beautiful to watch… and if you were able to watch the waves from space, I’d imagine it would look something like that.

I highly recommend it.  It’s in beta, so it might crash.  It crashed on me once.  I’m fine with that.

In other news, we went out and spent money today.  Lots of fun.  Ate at Carrabba’s… just okie, nothing to fight for a table over.