Maybe I just didn’t pay attention

I’m going to have to agree with Herman on tonight’s Lost. It just wasn’t all there. I’m not sure – maybe I just wasn’t paying the right amount of attention. Maybe I just wasn’t “in” to it tonight. I don’t know. I like to think that it’s rare that they produce a weak episode, but it seems like they actually did this time. It was disjointed. It had bad edits. It was a little too elusive and symbolic. For a show that billed itself as revealing three of the greatest mysteries of the show… it just didn’t deliver.

Maybe I need to go read the forums and find out what I missed.

I’ve caught up on a lot of things with work and whatnot, so maybe I should go to bed at a decent hour tonight.

This morning, we had a doctor’s appointment for Kiddo. Kiddo’s had a little issue that had us all a little scared for a while, but as it turns out, things are just fine. We’re quite relieved it wasn’t anything very serious.