What happened to iSight?

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Apparently I’m not the only one who has noticed the iSight camera has disappeared.  While perusing through my web log analysis for the start of March, I discovered that at least 2 people have used the search term, “what happened to isight” to arrive here.

It’s gone, and that probably means something – but I’ve not been around Apple’s stuff for long.  I certainly wouldn’t want to start any excited rumors or anything – but dayum, if they come up with an 8-core Mac Pro that includes an iSight, that’ll fawkin rawk.  But dear Goddess, I want a Mac and I want out of this Microsoft hell.

Tonight, the whole family is sleeping and snoozing soundly while I sit here thinking about a great many things.  Many thoughts which doth run rampant throughout my head – some of which I probably shouldn’t be having, some of which I’ll just keep to myself.

I caught most of V for Vendetta tonight – not a bad movie, but seems like they tried to cram a bit too much into it with an expected outcome.  No huge surprises in that film.

Guess I should go to bed too.  Tomorrow’s my day to get up early and take care of the littlest one.