Lounging around

So here I am at the car dealership, waiting on our car to get it’s 60,000 mile service. I fired up the laptop and curled up in the customer lounge to work a little, play a little… and listen to the iPod.

First off, the last podcast from Ask A Ninja is a real scream. Normally I just chuckle at these podcasts, but this one made me laugh out loud. It’s episode #37: Last Words. Watch it… it’s hilarious.

Also found this lesson learned from eBay. My my, I hope the feedback is just as interesting as the packaging.

In other news, there is a ravingly gorgeous woman in here in the lounge… and she actually spoke to me. That really made me smile. Now she’s moved on to read a magazine, so that little interlude is over. (I’m sure the wife is glad). But man… if you’re a beautiful woman out there, just remember that you too can make a fat white geek’s life a little happier by smiling and saying hi.