Complete ramblings

I still can’t shake this dastardly cough. It was gone for a while today – well, most of the day… but now, it’s back. I’ve gone in the cough drop direction to see if I can shake it long enough to get some sleep tonight, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve had a lot on my mind with regards to websites lately. Taitai pointed out that we own quite a few domain names. That’s true, we do. Some of them are just plain defunct. Some of them are itching for activity. I have numerous ideas swimming through my head these days on podcasts; one particular online gazette-style magazine that some of you may remember; what to do with Galaxycow… oh, the thoughts just never end. There’s a lot to do and a lot to produce, but such little time.

There are two things that stop me from doing the gazette site again. These days, it seems that ripping off pictures and other arts and/or intellectual property is the New Norm. I don’t necessarily want to provide a site that could be used for people to rip off the work of other folks, but then again, I think that the site would work again in this day and age. However, it requires plenty of time to maintain and write for – a problem I’ve dealt with unsuccessfully in the past. These days I might be able to make more time, but I doubt it.

Therein lies the second problem. I would need staff. I need interested staff with time to write the columns they want to write. I had staff before, but that staff didn’t have the time. I need staff with time and passion to do it. That’s just pretty hard to find when you can’t bring money to the table.

Bah. You know, when I shut the thing down before, I knew that I would come to this thought again someday. I knew that I would get the itch again. I just need to convince myself not to go there again I suppose.

In other news – I upgraded this WordPress to the 2.1.x series, so that’s why it’s reverted back to the default skin. Sorry about that, but I need to find a new one anyway.

Thoughts, anyone?