Microsoft will pay your company to use Live

Now this is just sad.

Not content with getting its ass whipped repeatedly by search and online services, Microsoft now plans to pay enterprise customers for convincing its users to use Live search and services.

Yet another item that is just too sad to be real.

I’ll say this about Microsoft Live search and support searching.  The algorithms you guys have crafted absolutely sucks.  Live search almost never finds the pages I am looking for, plus it will not search USENet, which is one of the largest goldmines of information from user experiences ever made.  As for searching its own knowledge base, searching has become useless.  I rarely, if ever, find what I’m looking for when searching with Microsoft’s own utility (which seems to be based on the same useless algorithms as Live search) and often resort to Google to find items on Microsoft’s knowledge base.

Now why would I use it?