Motivational breakdown

My motivational transportation has sprung a leak and suffered a flat. I’m at work, but could give a damn if I get anything done. The weather is too nice outside. I’ve not been able to shake the sleepy haze this morning and I have a tinge of a headache. It’s one of those headaches that you get when your assbone digs into the fluff of your chair so much that it starts to harm your circulation and you feel minor little spasms in the back of your head. Top that off with being quite hungry and knowing that you have several meetings to attend in the afternoon, it makes for a flat tire.

As you can probably witness if you see my scrobbling, that mood is transposed via munging through Gothica on iTunes.

I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t a bit distressed to read the latest Leopard rumor. I could really not care less if Apple supports Vista or not and I certainly want to believe that they’re paying attention to the quite dismal Vista sales. Oh, alright, it really depends which marketing machine you subscribe to, as I’ve discovered. Since making the decision that I’ll be going with Mac, I’ve found myself reading quite a number of Mac websites – one would think of that as being a logical progression. There’s a lesson learned in that though: everyone has a completely different take on the Story of the Day and they’ll twist the facts to paint their religion in a better light.

It’s not just geeks who like to pull that trick of course. Moms can paint their children as the best angels ever – or churches who think their Way is the Only Way. (all you have to do to make it Important is capitalize the first Letter of the Word – then People will think that you have Some Kind of Hidden Meaning, particularly when you throw the words together)

Alright, this has ended up Way Too Random. I need to go get some Lunch and Feed My Face. Meetings start at 12:30, then I think I’ll blow this pop stand. I’ve done enough work in the past 16 months than I ever have before in my life and it seems as though my biorhythms are encouraging me to go to Best Buy or some shit. I dunno.

Maybe I should just drink.