I am likely the most indecisive user I know. I’ve mounted a collection of hundreds (maybe thousands) of bookmarks in Firefox on Linux, Windows and Mac. I’ve amassed almost a hundred feeds that I prefer to be checked daily.

I’ve grown tired of Firefox and Google Reader, so I’ve spent some time today syncing my bookmarks and importing feeds into Safari. I really like Safari – it’s minimalist, integrates well into OS X, and blazing fast. It has issues with some sites that prefer IE browsers, but hey, that’s the breaks. Firefox has that problem too.

In an effort to try to keep me out of Firefox, I have taken it off the dock as well. I’ll be using Quicksilver to open it up whenever I need to.

This will likely make my Mac the star of the hour – I will be back to using it as my primary machine, work-related or not. May not be a good thing… I really need to buy my home Macs. Then I can separate work feeds from home feeds and concentrate only on work when I’m on the laptop – and only on fun/extra work when I’m at home. Ultimately, that’s probably the best thing. Maybe I would use .Mac to sync the bookmarks – I have no idea. We’ll see – one day.