Apple and the enterprise

There’s an enlightening and interesting article up on InformationWeek discussing the Leopard server product. It’s basically a guy who headed out to the sites covering public information on Leopard server and summarized it. It’s still a good read. My favorite piece? Clustering for email and iCal servers!

One thing the author did mention is that while it’s compelling for SMB, Leopard server isn’t shaping up to be an enterprise-bound powerhouse. I would agree in that respect, but I diverge away from this when he declares that Apple just clearly isn’t aiming for this market.

I think Apple is slowly but surely taking baby steps toward this market. Perhaps it’s wisely so. But I can tell you without a doubt that if I were to start a small business today, Leopard server would be driving my infrastructure and not Windows.

I think Apple has lots of tricks up its sleeve and it’s slowly crawling toward a master plan. If Microsoft continues to fall on its face and spin the marketers around it, people are likely to wake up eventually.

But… I have no proof. Just a feeling I get. I dunno.