How Blogs Translate

You may not realize it, but there’s this blog post out there that is emphatically talking about something I expressed at dinner a few weeks ago. The author of this blog was present at the dinner, so this blogger is talking about a discussion subject that I indeed brought up.

Point taken.

I can understand how easy it is to get things mixed up in translation, but it really brings to light an interesting concept about communication via blogs. While it’s quite evident that Vo0 and Whitey have a fountain of everlasting love for the dog, the blog posts did not entirely express this love in a way that drove the point home. I’ve been known to harp on the negative, but the feeling I got from reading the blog posts was that said dog was indeed a hellspawn and I chose to think of him as such.

After hearing the quite vigorous defense of the animal over a fine Japanese dinner, I realize that my interpretation of the blog posts was quite incorrect. However, it does bring to light how intention to communicate can sometimes travel an incorrect path. I think it poses an interesting issue for our life and times – to think that most of us rely heavily upon the typed word to express our feelings now. We’re developing our own lingo and thought processes around this whole unique method of communication – and this is one time of many, I’m sure, that the intention was lost in translation.

Interesting… quite interesting. I hope people are paying attention to this, as it could continue to turn into a real problem.

(no vo0, i’m being general here now… not talking about you)