Taiwan loses historical site

Today my sister-in-law called us to say hi as usual. She spoke to her sister for a while, then my wife turned to me and informed me that Chaing Kai Shek’s summer home on Yang Ming Mountain was burned to the ground last night.

Taiwan’s president Chen Shui Bian has been engaged in a campaign to erase an important piece of Taiwan’s history from modern day life. I do not dare to try to educate anyone on any of this, except to say that Chaing Kai Shek is pretty much the founder of the Taiwan we have today. I find it odd that the president chooses to ignore his importance by erasing his name from monuments, buildings and anything else that carries his name. They have talked about removing the wall from CKS Memorial Hall as well.

The next move… CKS’ Summer House on Yang Ming Mountain burns down in what is a suspected arson.

It makes you wonder. At one time, I thought Chen Shui Bian was doing well for Taiwan – now I think just the opposite. It’s not just this incident that makes me wonder – it was also the attempted assassination during his re-election campaign (the bullet just grazed him at practically point blank range) when he was losing in the polls and other things that make one wonder.

In memoriam, I have reposted some of the pictures of the CKS Summer House when we visited last October. The pictures are reposted here, in my Asian Albums site.

This a terrible loss for my favorite tropical island.