Positive Apple Spin

There’s plenty of positive Apple spin to go around these days. It seems like every day that I look, there are prominent Windows journalists making the switch to Mac and encouraging others to do so. There’s a “vibe” in the air of change. Windows news sites that I frequent daily have not been the source of much excitement since Vista’s release. There is a very positive stock market buzz about Apple as well. There is so much that bodes well for Apple right now that it seems dreadfully easy for them to capitalize.

We could be seeing the winds of change. It’s apparent that Microsoft has made missteps – and the tech communities are catching on to them. The media community is catching on to podcasting as well. It’s interesting to watch features develop on the iPod and the media communities around the iPod features/concepts. It’s also interesting to watch the Zune go largely ignored, especially over the joke-of-a-killer-feature known as wifi sharing.

Again, this completely depends on what sources of news you read. Maybe it’s just because I’ve added more Mac sites to my daily diet of newsfeeds – but then again, maybe not. Maybe not.

(in other news, I have priced my home systems and am thinking about posting a donation button so people out there can help me complete my transition to mac)