Seeding Galaxycow

Some of you who may be hitting the front page of Galaxycow ( may have noticed that there’s a basic site up there with the ability to register. This shouldn’t surprise you.

I’ve been wanting to grow Galaxycow for some time, but I didn’t have a focus. I’m starting to develop one based around the ideas of several podcasts and a blogging/forum community for just about anything and everything. However, one thing that is set up right now that I do not like is the separate blogs.

The Drupal CMS allows blogs for anyone on the main site. This main site is on a separate database from the individual WordPress installs. I’m seriously considering the merging of the WordPress data into the main Galaxycow, then doing away with these WordPress installs.

I like WordPress and it serves the purpose – but if I want to grow a community out of Galaxycow, having multiple databases without shared identities for users across the blogs and sites doesn’t make any sense.

Any thoughts? Cybermage, I’m sure you of all people have an opinion 😉