GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative… huh?

GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative

So this was GNOME’s big announcement today. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. I suppose that if GNOME is getting the industry behind their desktop initiative enough to get some wider open source adoption, that’s a good thing. However, I have mixed feelings whenever I read about the GNOME folks getting their fingers in other pies when they still release some seriously buggy shit. I often feel that they should step back, hunker down, and really spend some quality time with their source before opening up other rabbit holes.

Yes, I’d feel this way about KDE too.

I have a Feisty ISO waiting on my server at home, so I’ll be loading it up in a VM to check out Feisty’s improvements. But why in a VM you say? Geez man – when you try to load the “powerful” and “awesome” Evolution, you find yourself running… screaming… back to something more reliable. I’ll stick with it in a VM until they improve.

Yes, I know I can load other email clients. But I want to use what they intend for me to use. If they’re going to distribute that crap, they need to make it work.

But no… guess they’ll be spending time on those mobile devices now.